Day 11: The carnage!



“Red. I might have known it would be red.”

Well it’s day 11 by my (fairly rudimentary) calculations and I thought I’d give a quick update on my IVF journey. I would have done this over the weekend but I’ve been in a mad cycle (so to speak) of working for about a million hours a day and not having any down time. I even worked over the weekend. It’s the year end process at my work and I’ve been working really hard on a very demanding client during the week, so I had to try and get all the year end admin stuff sorted in my supposed down time. It’s actually quite therapeutic to write nice things about people! And I found out from my stats that I wasn’t quite as bad as I thought I was, so that made me a feel a bit better.

But OH, THE PAIN! I started my period on Thursday and although I had been warned that it might be heavier or lighter or not happen… well, being someone with horrific abbatoir style periods, of course it had to be the heavy option. (Why couldn’t I have had the not happen option?) Stop me if this is TMI, but seriously OW. I usually have really awful periods anyway as I have had endometriosis and whatnot, but really this was a whole ‘nother level.

It wasn’t helped by the fact that I had to work a horrible day on Friday and was aiming to be in the office by 06:00. Well I was working away during the week and so I had to rush back on Thursday to attend a work function, and then didn’t get home until Thursday late, and then had the early morning plan, so it was inevitable that something unplanned was going to happen. And it did!


I guess it’s not entirely unexpected that when you’re working 18 hour days you might begin to forget things, and I managed to completely forget on Friday morning at 05:00 that I had to do my buserelin injection. It was my own stupid fault I guess as I have an alarm set on my phone and my Jawbone to tell me to inject myself at 06:00. I was in the office by the time my phone started flashing and telling me I had to inject myself… Doh!

Cue a long and expensive round trip in a taxi to head all the way home, rush into my flat (where T was still snoring away), inject myself, dig out my emergency money from my desk drawer, head back to the office… where I’d lost an hour. What a numpty.

So – what they say about tiredness is definitely true. I was pretty much running on empty last week.



    • Me Here

      OMG, tell me about it… Was in the office at 05:30 today and I’ll probably be here until midnight… and then need to get up at 04:00! 😦


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