Day 13: How do you do it?



I’m pretty much running on empty right now. I don’t have anything insightful to say that springs to mind after 3.5hrs sleep (although I’m thinking of interesting things to discuss, haha) because I’ve just been working ALL MY LIFE. #hyperbole

One of the things I was thinking is that I’m sure it was easier in the olden days. You know, those times where women weren’t expected to do anything but sit around and look pretty, go to dances, go steady with someone, get married, have a baby, look after husband and baby… I mean, it was a lot easier back then, wasn’t it? All that stuff about “relaxing” and getting pregnant… Well it would be nice actually to have time to relax – or sleep, eat, etc!

Anyway… I guess I’ve always been a career person. I can’t imagine doing nothing all day. But days like these when I’ve had hardly any sleep following an 18 hour day – I do feel tempted to be a 1950s housewife. I’m quite good at cooking. (Terrible at cleaning, but I’m sure I could learn if I had no job. Or get a cleaner!)

Thought for the day: How do you balance this treatment with work? Have you had time off work? I’m dreading having to try and juggle the two. So far it hasn’t happened, but next week I have my first scan after down regulation, so I won’t be able to travel away from home. Eek! I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Tell me your good news!


  1. workingwomensivf

    I was also really worried about the work ivf balance. It is tough at times but it is doable. I think the important thing to remember is to listen to your body and be strong and take time off if you need to.


    • Me Here

      Ahhh… Time off would be lovely! Unfortunately I won’t be able to have any for a while until my current project’s finished. I’ll have to find a way to get to the appointments though – I have my first scan next week so will have a challenge to get to that!


  2. notabroodychick

    Hello, as well as being busy is your job stressful? Stress can really have a negative impact on your treatment. My first cycle I tried to juggle it with work, and no one at work knew at all. I could book my scans for early morning before work and just get in a little late, and I just took a few sick days for egg collection and embryo transfer. I tried hard to stay calm but my work is always manic and it was tough. This time I made the decision that to give myself the best chance I needed to change the work situation. So now my boss knows and for 3 months I’m working 3 days a week. It is really helping. I feel so much better in myself, and less stressed, and that can only have a helpful impact on my treatment. You may be a workaholic, and you might be a lucky one who can “do it all” and still get pregnant, but for me I decided this meant too much to me to not do everything I possibly could to increase my chance of success.


    • Me Here

      Ah, I get you. Mine is super stressful… long hours. 05:30-23:30 yesterday then up at 03:45 this morning and I’m still at work (this is my one break today and I’ll be here for ages!). It’s unavoidable really unless I quit my job. Which would be a bad idea as I wouldn’t be able to pay rent. 3 days a week wouldn’t work in my industry. I’m supposed to be 3dpw on my current project and 2dpw on another one, but in reality I spend 6dpw on this one and 2dpw gets absorbed into the background. I’d love to have a 3dpw job but it wouldn’t be allowed!


      • notabroodychick

        Goodness, I am so sorry it is so very mental for you, but I would be really concerned if it was me, as how can your body be relaxed and ready enough to carry a child when you have to work hours like that? Even without wanting a kid it can’t really be healthy or good for you, but especially now? It is not that easy to do my job with 3 days a week, especially as now is our busiest time of year, and the pay cut is not great especially with having to fund our own treatment, but very thankfully I have a supportive other half and we’ll get by, and a supportive boss, and right now I just have to put me as no. 1 priority, not my customers or my colleagues.

        Can you at least find a way to only work the expected 5 days rather than all hours under the sun. Work will always be there, customers are never going to get less demanding, but sadly in our situation you don’t get that many chances to have a child (not unless you are mega rich!)


      • Me Here

        I don’t know really. I’m hoping it gets better after this project (or someone offers me another job that’s a lot easier!). I suppose I think that other women there get pregnant. There aren’t many but I’m probably the only one who hasn’t got pregnant, haha! They can do 3dpw after having children but it is a big pay cut and I don’t think you can do that before you have children. And anyway I’m supposed to be 3dpw on my current role and it’s more like 6!


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