The camel coat

I’ve been thinking lately about how I’m not really as sophisticated and trendy as I would like to be. And this is all summed up in the camel coat.

Every time I see someone wearing one of these, I’m overcome by this notion of envy. You never see an unstylish person wearing a camel coat, do you? Because it just wouldn’t go.

It’s the sartorial equivalent of the white chaise longue in your house – who but the most stylish sophisticates have a white chaise longue? It would be covered in food and dog paw prints before the day is out. 

Anyway, this was more of a thought for the day than a musing on anything deep and meaningful. 

One day, I’d like to buy a camel coat. And actually wear it. With red lipstick, some shades, tousled hair, brogues without socks, maybe a Peter Pan collar peeking out of a nautical sweater, a black trilby and an insouciant air…

Until then, I’ll stick to the down jacket. 




    • Me Here

      Haha, it’s more of a vague longing to be stylish and not something I’ll ever do! To me the camel coat signifies a level of sophistication I will never have! 🙂


      • Me Here

        Yep… I want to be one of those girls who just throws something together and looks hip. When realistically I’ve spent the ENTIRE day in baggy pants and a sweatshirt printed with pizza and covered in dog hair! 🙂

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