Day 25: Twinges and sneezes

Today I had my second scan after the baseline. Nothing much to report other than it’s all looking as it should do, apparently. That’s good, right?

I’ve been feeling really weird though. For one thing I’ve been so tired. I mean I’ve spent almost the entire bank holiday asleep. I don’t know if this is because of the drugs or the fact that I’ve worked such long hours for the past few weeks. Maybe it’s just catching up on me… or maybe it’s the phases of the moon, as T has helpfully suggested!

And suddenly I have hayfever! I’ve been like Mr Sneeze!

There is something kind of horrible about sneezing nonstop for ages. Yuck! Not attractive at all!

Anyway, that’s all my IVF update for now. It’s just scans and jabs – I’m now a bit of a pincushion with lots of bruising – and now tiredness and sneezing! Euuww. My next scan is in a couple of days so I’m hoping the sneezing at least improves by then!

Hope everyone else is doing well!



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