Day 26: I’m a sloth-cushion

Runaway train, never going back…

Well it’s day 26 and I’m on a train. It’s a super duper early train all the way across the country, and I’ll be coming back tonight. On the plus side, this means at least I get to sleep in my own bed, but on the minus side, well… Who likes getting up before 4am? Not me!

(Incidentally, I’m showing my age here but does anyone remember that song Runaway Train by Soul Asylum? I used to love them! Jeepers, I wonder whatever happened to them!)

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m so tired. T says he thinks this might be related to the phases of the moon and that I might be a werewolf. (It’s always a possibility as I think I do get pretty bad PMT, haha.) I think it must be the Gonal F. I’ve moved to a half dose of the Buserelin, which is great as it means I don’t get that PMT feeling the whole time which I had before when I was on the full dose for down regulation. But I just feel super tired on this new regime.

As an example, I usually go to bed after midnight – quite often it’s more like 1am. And I get up around 5-6am because I am expected to work every hour of the day. I actually find it easier to try and get in early and get stuff out of the way before my client is on site – as they want to talk to me for half the day, and my team also want me to tell them what to do and whatnot, so I end up not having very much time to do any work when people are actually in the office. So I have this twilight time where I try and grab some time to do some work and the rest of the time it’s management! #firstworldproblems 🙂

So anyway I’ve had no difference to my usual regime of not sleeping / catching up on sleep at the weekends but this whole long weekend (a bank holiday in the UK which means you get Monday off) I have been so tired I almost couldn’t move. I mean on Friday night I came home from work and went to bed – tried to watch a film but kept falling asleep. Saturday I went out during the day and then came home and was in bed by 9-something – unheard of for me! – and Sunday I barely moved from the sofa. What a sloth!


Me, yesterday

Yesterday I had lots of grand ideas about tidying up and sorting through my clothes but that didn’t happen. Seriously, I was knackered. I could barely manage to get up and go out to my scan appointment and the breakfast after (but reader, I managed it, valiantly… pancakes, since you ask). So it was a rather quiet day apart from a shortish walk interspersed by sneezing. I’m one giant ball of hayfeverish sniffles at the moment, and I haven’t taken any antihistamines yet as I’m not sure if I should do or not – I’ll have to ask tomorrow. (If anyone knows – please shout!)

Today I have to go all the way across country and back in a day. This is because I have my second scan (third? depending on whether you count the baseline scan or not) tomorrow morning, and I clearly can’t be in 2 places at the same time (although my work thinks I can). So I’m heading back this evening after a very early start and I’ll at least get to sleep in my own bed. I’m one of those people who much prefers sleeping in my own bed, even though hotels are nice and everything. Especially the one I usually stay in which gives me chocolate! But still – there’s a lot to be said for one’s own bed.

In terms of how I’m feeling, I’m feeling tired and I have a few pains, but I’m not sure whether that’s more to do with the fact that I’ve turned into a human pincushion.


Me, earlier today

Well, it can’t be helped – and I’m still in that hopeful phase that we’ll be the 1 in 4 who it works for first time!

Here’s to a successful week of follicle growth! 🙂


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