Things I don’t like, #8537

Fertility acronyms

Seriously, Aunt Flo? Big Fat No?

Is it me or do these infantile expressions just add insult to injury when you get your period? (Or should that be MNG?)

No, Mother Nature is NOT bringing you a monthly gift!

Why do we do this to ourselves?

We are adults!

Do you refer to your “wee wee” when you go to the doctor? When you talk to them about fertility do you tell them about your parter’s willy? (Or BFW!)

We are doing IVF. Whilst I might joke about the TV probe being wiggled around my foof, at least it isn’t a MW (magic wand) being waved about my BFV.




  1. beanie

    I so with you on this! I only use “2WW”…. I think. I hate when people say “dildo cam”, it’s so awkward. And apparently there are now dildos with cams on them, so…..


    Liked by 1 person

      • beanie

        I would agree, but then again, I’ve come to realize that those who overuse the acronyms tend to be very descriptive in their TMI’s lol – DC might not fly 😉


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