Day 28: Tiny mice punches

 Little tiny mice punching me in the stomach. 

It’s the only explanation. 

So it’s day 28 by my rough count and this means I’ve been on the Gonal F pen injection for a week or so. I lose track. (I just do what they tell me to do and try not to think about the rest.) 

What I noticed is that I only seem to get the bruising from the big pen thing and not from the down regulation injections (Buserelin for me). I’m still on a half dose of the Buserelin in the mornings, and aside from the faff of having to take 2 different needles and a syringe out of the packets, it’s pretty painless. 

Whereas the big pen Gonal F is super easy (just whack on the needle, turn the dial to the dose and jab it in), it’s left me looking like I’ve done ten rounds in the ring with a tiny mouse. Or mice. I mean, I’ve taken a beating. 

It doesn’t actually hurt that much but I’m not keen on the look of my stomach right now. That may be more to do with being a right fatty (I have put on a lot of weight due to not being miserable, haha). Vanity is a small price to pay though. I also feel quite bloated but I can’t tell whether that’s the drugs or eating too many burritos. 

On the plus side, the side effects I was getting last week don’t seem to be as bad. I still have hayfever but Dr Fit (see Day 27’s post) said it’s probably best not to take anything, and who am I to challenge Dr Fit? Exactly. 

So I’m just keeping on keeping on. If all goes according to plan, this means I have the potential final scan tomorrow to check that my womb lining and follicles are all hunky dory. If I manage to have 3 follicles up to 18 (mm, I assume it can’t be anything bigger than that!) it means egg harvesting would be Monday. 

Quite honestly I’m looking forward to egg harvesting as I rather like sedation and it’s preferably to working an 18hr day! It comes to something when you’d rather be knocked out than go to work, huh. 

But the way I look at it, that’s when the magic starts…



  1. heatherhopeful

    Those mice sure did a number on you! Your belly looks flat in the picture, but I understand the feeling of worrying about the vanity pounds. Never fun. Any idea how many more days of stims you have?


    • Nara

      Hahaha I did lean back whilst taking the picture so as to avoid overhang! How bad is that?! I have another scan tomorrow so hopefully then it would be collection on Monday. Unfortunately it’s a hideous work week next week so will just have to see how it goes… Ideally would be doing this over a much more relaxing time! 😦


      • heatherhopeful

        Haha! I’m not judging! Sounds like something I’d do. I hope your scan goes well, and work isn’t too tough on you next week. These appointments are in constant conflict with life! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • Nara

        I know, it’s a nightmare! I’ve been in work all day then home and still working. I should work another hour or two but I need to be up in 4-5 so need to try and go to bed! Waaaah!


      • Nara

        Sadly not! It’s just my job. I’m dreaming about the day when I have a reasonable one where I get more than a few hours sleep!


  2. notabroodychick

    Sorry you got so much bruising, that never happened to me last cycle. Have you tried icing the injection spot before? Also if you press a tissue on the injection spot after and apply a bit of pressure apparently that can help too.


    • Nara

      Ah thank you! I don’t really mind the bruising that much- I just think it looks silly! And only from the Gonal F, not the Buserelin. I’m hopeful this is the last few days of it! 🙂


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