Day 29: More mice needed


So this morning was supposed to be my final scan before egg collection (man, I’m looking forward to some sedation after this week/month of work!) but true to form my body hasn’t been cooperating.

The first sign of anything to be concerned about was when the nice doctor (not Dr Fit, phew – let’s call him Dr Nice) had a good ol’ dig around and called in another doctor for a second opinion. The other doc was also nice (they’re all nice) and reassured me that sometimes the follicles don’t grow as much as they expect. Typical.

So where we’re at is that my follicles haven’t really made much progress since Wednesday. Those tiny mice (see yesterday’s post) are not doing their job, or in other words the Gonal F is not really stimulating my ovaries enough to get the eggs ripening properly. I had a few on my left and even fewer on my right, and the largest follicle was 13. Given that Dr Fit said on Wednesday that they were hoping to get a minimum of 3 x 18, that means I’m some way off.

On the plus side (okay it’s not really a plus side but I’ll take what I can get) Dr Nice informed me when I asked about bloating (I am soooo fat lately) that this was entirely expected and a good thing. This means that my ovaries are getting their freak on (or not) and they’re trying to grow the follicles which hold the eggs which should eventually get harvested sometime next week.

So for me that means more Gonal F (tiny mice punches, named after the bruising the injections leave me with on my stomach) and potentially an egg collection on Wednesday or Thursday. Half of me thinks that they’re just placating me and maybe they won’t grow at all and we’ll just have to can it. But I don’t know. I just have to hope that they’ll grow.

Grow, little eggs, grow!


  1. Terrakna

    I was very bloated for my first cycle, but not at all for the next 2. The first cycle was very productive while the next 2, not so much. YMMV. Plus, sedation: BIG FAN.

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    • Nara

      Hahaha I can’t wait for sedation! 🙂 Is that sad? I have such a horrible work life balance right now that it’s the only way I’ll get some sleep!

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  2. notabroodychick

    The bloating is pretty standard, I’ve not met any IVF ladies who haven’t had it. Sorry your follicles are not quite there. Are you making sure you are eating LOTS of protein and keeping your belly warm (e.g hot water bottle on it in the evenings…)? Both will help their growth…


  3. hopelovetears

    Grow follies!! The good thing about them being slow growing is that you’re less at risk for ovarian hyperstimulation. I had my retrieval on Thursday and I’m not trying to scare you but I have been completely miserable since. To say the least since they got so many eggs my ovaries worked really hard and now I’m suffering the consequences. Make sure after your retrieval you drink a ton of Gatorade and eat salty foods. This will help absorb any fluid in your abdomen after retrieval!! Praying for you and for those follicles to grow grow grow!! (But not too fast;)

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