Day 36: I slept

Well, this is going to be a quick update because reader, I slept!

Checked in for my long awaited egg collection yesterday. I took the trigger shot exactly 36 hours before it was due to happen. Didn’t eat or drink anything past a couple of hours beforehand in the morning. 

Me: I was just super happy to have the day off work. We’ve been caning it and I just wanted to have a sleep!

And sleep I did! All day and all night!

First though was the awkward moment when my veins collapsed not once, but thrice! One in each elbow crook and one on the side of my hand. By this point even I (Ms Never Squeamish) was getting a bit antsy about being poked and “just a little scratch”ed by the evil vein prickers. The problem with these are that they’re thicker than the everyday injections that I’m totally fine with. I think also I was a bit dehydrated or something from the nil by mouth – I usually mainline water all day (aren’t I good?) so not sure if that had an effect. 

Next thing I know I’m all sleepy and being told that they managed to get twelve eggs!!! Which is really very impressive considering we were expecting one or two. (See, it helps to have low expectations!)

I then was brought home by T who proceeded to watch me snooze all day on the sofa. Poor T (although I think he enjoyed the all day telly session). I think it was a mix of the sedative and the build up of my sleep deficit! Then up to bed and slept all night!

I must have been tired!

Anyway now it’s just a waiting game to see if those little eggies have fertilised. I’m hopeful that at least a couple have! T tells me that the w___ room wasn’t the room full of beauties that I had suggested! Haha. 

Today I feel quite sore in the stomach area and I’ll probably just have a quiet day pottering around the house. Or lying on the sofa. I also have some Crinone (v gel… Quite fuss free after the injections!) and antibiotics to take. So hopefully will feel better soon. 

C’mon little eggies, get fertilised!



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