Expectations of greater love…

I get this all the time when anyone finds out I’m adopted. “Oh that’s fantastic!”… “Your parents are amazing.” etc… I had this from someone just this morning.

I would say I’ve had a positive adoption experience (though some would say I have repressed feelings about this!) – I have a great family and I feel that I’ve been fortunate in life. But this post really resonated with me because it’s so true: I think adopted people are expected to feel super grateful for having been adopted (not aborted, not brought up in a negative environment, etc)… We are expected to show more gratefulness, more love than those who are not adopted.

It’s something to think about. For those interested in adoption, I would really recommend this blog…

The adopted ones blog


Just read a blog post about how someone who isn’t adopted, but has always assumed, that if you are adopted – that the love you have for your adoptive parents is greater than the love that a non-adopted child would have for their mom and dad.  Reasons cited is that the child was chosen, money was paid, and sacrifices made.  I’m not linking to the post – but it was also a religious post musing about being adopted by God and comparing the two – which doesn’t work for me.

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