Are Americans Who Adopt Asian Children Robbing Them Of Their Actual Identities?

On adoption… I can’t say how depressed I feel at reading some of the comments on here. Particularly from “The Voice of Reason”. On the whole I am positive about my adoption experience, but it’s people like these who make me feel bad. 😦

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I haven’t had an adoption “crisis” since I was 10, when my birth parents’ abandonment loomed over me with bitter wishes that I had been assigned male at birth.

As a teenager, my adoption was always just another feature that didn’t say much about me, it was just there. It wasn’t something I chose, just like I didn’t choose the color of my eyes or hair.

But then the New York Times published a lengthy article in a recent magazine section about hundreds of South Korean adoptees who have, in an Exodus-like fashion, decided to return to South Korea and become living and breathing Korean. Many, in fact, are anti-international adoption.

Amongst other reasons, many of these adoptees cite their struggles to identify with the caucasian identities that are ingrained within them as their motivation to return to where they were born. They condemn international adoption as it…

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