Day 57: Is it too early to shop for this?

I had trouble sleeping tonight so I’ve been up most of the night surfing the web and I saw this on Etsy:



I need this.

Even if little baby doesn’t make it (please no), one of my favourite past times is making Dog into a burrito. (Dog is currently snoring on my shoulder in bed, but I think if I showed it to him, he’d agree. Possibly.)

In other news, it’s Day 57 and I’m still pregnant!! Which means I made it to 5 weeks. Still not sure how these calculators work but I’m taking it. It was a bit alarming doing the test as it didn’t show up straight away. I still keep thinking something is going to go wrong. At least I’m now on every other day tests. I even let myself do a bit of baby window shopping (prams and stuff! I’ve always known which pram I wanted… how sad!) online as I couldn’t sleep. Maybe it’s because the tiredness knocked me out yesterday. Either way it looks like I’ll have to get up shortly and go into work. Eek. 

My friend and I are possibly going to the cinema to watch a chick flick (Pitch Perfect 2) this evening so I’ll have to try and stay awake. Not sure how that’s possible without coffee. I think I’m just feeling out of sorts generally. Like my hay fever was really bad overnight which was partly why I couldn’t sleep. I haven’t been taking anything as I was told not to, but it means I’m super snotty and my eyes feel nasty and even my face itches. And sneezing makes the back of my throat raw. 

Anyway, it’s a small inconvenience when I think about my little baby burrito. Looked him up on an app and apparently he’s the size of a sesame seed. Seems a bit weird that he’s causing all these changes to my body when he’s so little. 

I’m listening to early morning sounds and my boys snoring. Dog is the loudest right now. He’s a right snorer!


  1. babyangelb

    I have seen that blanket too and so want one! My husband is from Guatemala and so a little burrito would be perfect for us! I say, if you want to buy it, let yourself! Do what feels right. I dug out my box of maternity clothes today. Much to early to start wearing them, but I couldn’t help myself!

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    • Nara

      Haha. Well it’s from Canada so a bit expensive really! It’s a lot of fun. Maybe I will wait and see if we get to 12 weeks and then buy it! How are you feeling?

      Liked by 1 person

      • babyangelb

        I am just nauseous and tired. Ok otherwise. The nausea is annoying, but I can live with it if I get to hold my baby at the end of it all 🙂 How are you feeling?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Nara

        I’m okay. Just very tired and I think the main problem is not being able to take hayfever meds as they aren’t allowed during pregnancy. My stomach feels bloated but that may be the pizza. And I have the metallic taste. Hopefully all is as it should be!
        The test this am was quite light – blue cross test. But my wee was very diluted. I went to the loo about 6 times last night!!


      • babyangelb

        Oh yes. I forgot the constant getting up to pee while I am sleeping. That is probably making me more tired too since it takes me forever to get back go sleep! Ha!


  2. ashleykyleanderson

    Omg that is the cutest blanket I have ever seen! I definitely think your dog would agree (I mean, if he were awake of course). I bought something the day we found out, honestly. We were in Connecticut and they have a Scandinavian shop there so we bought a Dala horse, as my husband’s grandmother was Swedish and used to have them in her home. We already have one for ourselves and wanted to get one for the baby as well. I have refrained from buying much else (I also HAD to buy a “Baby Beluga” book too since we were at the aquarium when we got the call), but it was fun to afford myself those little purchases to get me through these next weeks. I say do whatever feels right to you!

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