Day 61: Forget the 2 week wait… This is the 12 week wait!


OMG, I’m at Week 5 Day 4 (39 days) pregnant and I want to ask you: How on earth do you deal with the waiting?

Waiting… and waiting… and waiting…

for something bad good to happen.

I know I’ve said this before and I’m honestly not gloating (because I know how awful it is if you aren’t able to get pregnant… I mean, I haven’t been pregnant ever in all my 30-something years) but I can’t stand the waiting.

I actually found the infamous two week wait pretty easy. That’s because I didn’t think it would work. (Although obviously I was secretly hoping it would.) I didn’t think it was very long to have to wait. But then we had a positive test (only just over a week ago) and suddenly we’re into a whole ‘nother World of Waiting.

It’s like I’m waiting for a time when it’s “safe” to tell people, but really I’m waiting for a time when it’s “safe” to start hoping that this pregnancy might actually happen. To have faith that he’s really there, that he’s sticking and that I have an actual baby inside me.

I know it’s happening. I have 7 (count ’em – seven!) positive pregnancy tests lined up on the ledge to show me that it’s happening. But I can’t stop this fear that it won’t fully happen. That our little baby won’t make it. I even started trying to put more days between tests (hence the seven tests in nine days) but I caved today and tested this morning because I didn’t feel like I could rely on the feeling of still being pregnant. This is crazy thinking!

I know in my heart of hearts that there’s nothing to be gained by finding out I’m suddenly not pregnant. I mean, if I miscarry then I guess I’d know about it and I don’t know what I would do if a test came back negative. (I don’t know because I have never been pregnant or miscarried that I know about… Although T keeps mentioning that my late, extremely heavy and physically debilitating periods could actually have been miscarriages – what a thought.) I assume that it would involve some sort of bleeding. I keep running to the loo to do the dreaded knicker check and I keep expecting there to be blood. (I think it’s generally the surplus of progesterone gel I keep having to insert every morning!)

My humungaboobs are still hanging around being huge, and my stomach seems larger, although that could be the bloat everyone talks about. And the fact that I keep eating a lot. I’ve been searching on blogs about the first trimester to try and understand what others were thinking and feeling during that time. Like when are you sure? I don’t know if I’ll ever be sure.

I know I’m really lucky that I’ve never lost a baby and I can’t imagine what that’s like. I think this level of paranoia comes from the fact that I’ve never been pregnant before and I almost feel like this is my only chance. It’s not my only chance at IVF – this is the first cycle we’ve tried and we have the ability to have 3 cycles funded by the NHS (bless the NHS!) so in theory if this doesn’t work we would be able to try again. Twice.

But I feel like this has taken a lot out of me emotionally. I’m not complaining of course. I know I’m lucky to have gotten this far and I’m super grateful that our NHS puts us in the position of having funded cycles. We probably wouldn’t be able to afford private treatment. Although I think it’s less about not being able to afford it and more about not being able to imagine putting myself through this more times. I really feel like if this cycle doesn’t work that I would be reticent about doing another cycle – it’s so invasive, and it is emotionally and physically draining. My body hasn’t been mine for 61 days and counting. If we have a live baby at the end then it will be worth it. But if we don’t… it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Really one of my main challenges has been not being able to tell people that I’m pregnant, so not being able to share that understanding and get that support. T is great but he’s just one person and I miss sharing stuff with my girlfriends. At the moment I’ve sort of been avoiding meeting up with friends (as I would usually be the one insisting we order a bottle of wine!) and it feels weird to think that I probably have to make excuses for another 6 weeks. I mean, they know I’ve been overworked but now that my project has just about finished, it means that they’re all trying to organise girls’ nights out and whatnot. I don’t know whether to go along and make excuses but I don’t really think I’d be able to lie to them.

Equally I don’t want to tell people and then something goes wrong and we lose the baby, and then we have to tell everyone… or respond to questions when they ask. That would be awful. And I’ve known people who had a loss very far down the line. I don’t know how they would deal with it. I don’t think I am a very strong person in that way so I don’t even want to think about it.

But I do.

I’ve done a calendar online so I know what week we are in, so I know when to expect in relation to other social events. I’m pretty much writing off the whole of June because that’s where we are now (I’m just pretending to ignore social invitations rather than making excuses) and then July because that will be our final weeks of the first trimester. In week 10 we are going for a little long weekend break with Dog (I’m very excited; Dog less so) and then in Week 11 my best friend who lives abroad is going to be in the UK for a bit in July and we’re going for a spa day. I’m not sure how I will manage to hide anything, not because I’m going to be showing a bump or anything but because I am usually the first one on the bubbly when we go to the spa!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll probably have to tell some people “early”. Not many people. For example I’m going to see my parents next weekend, and in our household there is wine at every meal. (Even breakfast! Kidding!) Basically there’s no chance that I would be able to get away without drinking. It will be just after our first (early) scan and I will be 7 weeks pregnant. Assuming it all sticks. (AAAAAH I don’t like this worrying!) And then I guess our next scan will be something arranged with the GP. Do they do the 12 week scan at 12 weeks? I’ve no idea about these things. I guess most people start telling people around then, but I kind of think I probably won’t tell anyone unless I see them in person and I have to explain.

I’ve looked up the work situation and I don’t have to tell them until I’m 25 weeks pregnant! That is a really long time! I’m assuming they might have an inkling before then.

Anyway, that’s my blethering for today. Anyone who has any advice on the waiting game… Let me have it!



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  1. Arwen says:

    Ugh, the waiting is HARD. Just wait until the wait between 12 and 20 week scans. We had to get the private one because I swear I was going to lose my mind!! Wine helps me but that is a perk only available to me as an intended mother! Sorry!! 😉

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    1. Nara says:

      Hahaha yes, I don’t think I should have wine. I’ve even weaned myself off coffee! No wonder I’m so tired all the time! I can just imagine you sitting back glugging the vino… Haha!

      I think I will feel slightly (but not fully) better after the 12 week scan. And we do have that almost-7 week scan next week. So at least that will be the first scan to tell us if something terrible has happened (ie baby is not actually a baby but made of pizza and I just happen to have high HCG levels).


  2. Oh, the waiting is the absolute worst!! I suggest coming up with lots of things to keep yourself busy and go out for breakfast/brunch with friends, that’s how I was able to avoid alcohol easily. I also got really good at always being the driver so I couldn’t drink.

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    1. Nara says:

      Aww thank you. I have tried the breakfast/brunch thing… Unfortunately my reputation precedes me (seriously, I’m the first to hit the mimosas at brunch!) so there’s still that weird expectation that I’ll be ordering alcohol. Sunday lunch I had to pretend that I was mega thirsty so ordered orange and lemonade but I think my friend found it weird as last time I insisted on having cocktails at brunch!

      Driving: I am a *terrible* driver. I literally crash cars. (I’ve crashed most cars I’ve driven – not kidding!) Fortunately now I live in London, most people don’t have cars, and anyone with half a brain won’t let me near one as a driver! 😉 I will just have to try and do early breakfasts!

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      1. I wish you the best in finding a decent strategy! Maybe get there early order a non-alcoholic drink and drink it very slowly letting people think it’s got something in it. I dunno, but unless you want to turn into a hermit you’ll find a solution of some sort. hahaha! 🙂

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  3. Embryo Mom says:

    Once I cleared the 12 week mark, I started obsessing on the 24 week mark (when a baby is considered “viable” and doctors will intervene to save him or her). Then once you pass that, you’ll obsess on your due date. Then it will be waking up a million times a night – not because the baby is crying – but because you can’t sleep without checking to be sure the baby is still breathing (SIDS paranoia). My oldest is 3 and I am always finding new things to worry about. Apparently this goes on until we no longer go on. Welcome to being a mommy 🙂 (And – YES – you are a mommy!!)

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    1. Nara says:

      Aww thanks! It’s reassuring to know that I’m not really different from other people! And I bet I will be the same! It’s just one hurdle after another really. I guess it gets harder as time goes on as we’re more invested in it – for each of the earlier stages (stimulation, egg collection etc) we just thought it wasn’t very likely. Now we have a little embryo who’s perhaps going in the right direction, it feels a bit more personal!


  4. Having just read your about page and then this post I am so excited for you! I was lucky with the not telling people, as I just said I was doing dry January, which most people seemed to believe. And the whole checking your knickers thing doesn’t go away for a while. Will you get an early scan? Try and push your doctor for an early one at an EPU, they can get a good idea from about 7 weeks? And yeah, you’ll probably have to tell a few people, I told a close girlfriend and my mum and sister pretty much as soon as I found out.

    I really like your blog though, it’s really funny, you’re a great writer 🙂

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    1. Nara says:

      Aww that’s so nice of you to say! I really enjoyed reading your blog – I wish you’d post more!

      I’m going for an early scan (as we did IVF) next week before (if everything’s okay) being handed over to the “normal” GP. Actually I randomly have a GP appointment before the other one but the GP said to leave it… so we’ll see. I have absolutely no idea how this all works!

      I’m definitely going to have to tell a few people, but hopefully going to keep it all on the down low for the rest of them until the baby’s made his way to the outside world! 😉


  5. miku says:

    It’s awful isn’t it? My day basically goes like this “wake up. Is my baby ok is my baby ok is my baby ok is my baby ok. Lunch. Is my baby ok is my baby ok is my baby ok. Dinner. Is my baby ok is my baby ok is my baby ok. Sleep”. The tww was nothing compared to this. Just take solace in the fact you’ll get to see your little miracle soon. I’m booked in next Monday. Never thought that day would come lol. xxx

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    1. Nara says:

      Ha! That sounds just like me. The weird thing is that I just feel strange… I don’t feel pregnant (I don’t think?) but I do feel a bit periody or something like that. You’re Monday! Hurrah! I’m Thursday. But have the GP appt before then so I don’t know if they’ll do anything. I assume not as I doubt they do ultrasounds at the GP, but I have no idea how it works!


  6. Can you make up an elaborate believable story about why you are on antibiotics and therefore can’t drink? It seems a shame to miss out on seeing your friends although it will for sure be so much better when you can share with them your news! Now is just the awkward time when you try to hide feeling sick (when it hits), hide any possible bump signs, hide that you are not drinking….

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    1. Nara says:

      Hahaha yeah, I don’t think so. We are all wise to the antibiotics story and anyway I’m the kind of person who would ignore that advice! It’s really my fault for being such a lush! (If I’m giving the wrong impression… I hardly ever go out, but when I do, I like a drink!)
      Anyway it seems rather unenjoyable to meet “for drinks” and then not drink! I mean it would be okay if it was a meal or something but I don’t want to spend 3 hours drinking lemonade! 🙂


  7. I totally get this – I’m so impatient for this pregnancy to hurry up so I can have my precious baby in my arms!
    Keeping busy is totally the way to go. I’m doing stupid hours at work but love it cos it seems to make time go really quickly!
    And, the knicker checking never stops…

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    1. Nara says:

      Yeah, I know what you mean. Maybe that’s why the two week wait was easier for me as I was working crazy hours at work! I mean the whole IVF journey to now was done with stupid hours, no sleep and a load of travel! I’m amazed we got a fertilised egg! Now my project is winding down though I have more time… to wait… and wait… aaaaaah!


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