Day 68: I’m now bureaucratically pregnant

Went to see the doc this morning as planned. It was all very nice. She was lovely. I had to get my blood pressure done and we sort of joked about everything (I joke with all doctors, I mean how else do you make light of the fact that they’re peering up your undercarriage) and she was really nice and encouraging. She said to stop doing the pregnancy tests and just take it one step at a time. Which is good advice. I’ve been quite good and not tested since Friday which considering it’s now Tuesday is pretty good going! (The knicker checks though… Seriously.)

She filled in a form which says what you’re doing and where you’re going to get registered. The hospital she suggested is part way between my work and home so it makes sense really. Although in a slightly dodgy area. (What can I say – we live in a dodgy area.) We had IVF at the hospital near my work which is a bit more salubrious, but I guess it makes sense to be closer to home. It’s quite a modern hospital and I’m fairly sure our friends had their baby there a few months ago so I think it will be okay. I’m still not convinced I’m getting that far.

Also gave me a prescription for some nasal spray as my hayfever is not really improving and it’s quite miserable. She said it should be fine but I’m trying not to take any risks so not sure I will take it too much. And I filled in the form to get free prescriptions in pregnancy. So I am bureaucratically pregnant! (Personally I am amazed nobody at work has said anything about the humungous bazookas although I guess that might be a sackable offence. They must all be wondering if I’ve had a boob job.)

We have the first scan (7 weeks) on Thursday so I guess we’ll know more then. I also read that the most chance of miscarriage is in the first 7 weeks so if we can just hang on a few more days… C’mon Thomas! (*T’s name for the embryo-baby-thingy and not the name of the child if it’s born.) So I guess that’s kind of a big thing. I’m hoping he turns out to be an embryo-baby-thing and not pizza.

Other than that I haven’t had any obvious sickness although I have gone a bit weird on food. But I’m always weird on food. For instance I’m always eating. I think it’s to get rid of the nasty taste in my mouth. And only certain things. For some reason I can’t stand the idea of certain foods. But I’m always really fussy about food so wondering if it’s a placebo effect.

In order not to feel hungry at breakfast (I never usually have breakfast and just mainline coffee but have given it up) I made some overnight oats. I usually like quite unhealthy things for breakfasts (fry ups, Maccy Ds, ham and cheese croissants, anything with bacon) but for some reason I don’t fancy that. Maybe it is a pregnancy thing or maybe it’s my body finally telling me to stop being so lardy.

Overnight oats (vegan! healthy!)

Overnight oats are a revelation for the lazy cook / person who works in an office and can’t be bothered to do fancy stuff. And they are completely customisable to your tastes. For example, many of the recipes have banana in them but I don’t like banana (a childhood growing up where there was a surplus of bananas and a banana in every packed lunch will do that for you). So I don’t use that shiz.

All you do is stick the ingredients in a container (the hipsters use mason jars… I use Tupperware) and stir it and put it in the fridge overnight. That’s when the magic happens. Overnight the raw ingredients turn into a sort of cold porridge. It doesn’t sound appetising but I promise you it is.



  • 1 cup oats (the cheap ones from Lidl that cost about 39p and you make porridge from)
  • 1 cup almond milk (you can use any milk… I’m not keen on dairy and if you use it the oats won’t be vegan, obvs)
  • A liberal shake of cinnamon (I love cinnamon – you can add any other flavouring you want)
  • 2 teaspoons chia seeds (they’re a sort of magic superfood that makes everything more gel like)
  • A handful of halved strawberries (you can use any fruit you like)
  • A spoonful of raspberry jam (because it was sitting around looking nice)

That’s it! You can add whatever you like really but the main idea is to have as much liquid as oats. Then it all binds together overnight and in the morning you can stir in a bit more almond milk and you’re good to go.



This was what it looked like afterwards. Yummy! And a little bit healthier than my usual options! Makes up for all the pizza… Probably not!
Have an awesome day everyone!



  1. Arwen

    I know how scary the first scan is! I will be here stalking your blog for news of Thomas the pizza-baby!
    P.S overnight oats sound and look amazing! I may have to try…!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nara

      OMG just try them… They are so easy, so PERFECT for lazy sods like me! (I make up for any health benefits by eating rubbish the rest of the time. My lunch today has been cheese straws and crisps!)

      I will definitely let you know if Thomas is a baby or a pizza…! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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