I Don’t Matter

I’m asking my blogging friends to have a read of this… It makes me feel very sad, and I can totally relate to these feelings. You’ve all offered me amazing support over the last few months of blogging and it would be lovely if you could send some love to this lady. We’ve all been there. And we all matter. X

Infertility And Faith

I have had so many ups and downs since we started our infertility treatment. But today I felt like I was at one of my lowest of lows. The weird part is, I wasn’t sad, or mad, or depressed. I just processed my thoughts and accepted it. I’m sure by me sharing what was running through my head, someone is going to say, “that’s not true”… but it is. It really is.

I realized today… that without kids, I really don’t matter to a lot of people. My husband and I both. We don’t matter. No I’m not saying that we have no purpose, I’m not crazy or losing my mind. I’m just logically thinking about our life without children vs those who have children. The more I thought about it I realized how true it is.

To my parents, we cannot give them grandchildren. Grandchildren are more important to…

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