In pictures: Be Our Guest dinner 

The coveted dinner at Be Our Guest (the Beauty and the Beast themed castle experience in the Magic Kingdom, probably the hardest reservation to get as it is the only chance to meet the Beast). 

After breakfast and lunch on the first full day, we were lucky enough (persistent enough – T found the reservation after checking lots of times for cancellations!) to snag a dinner reservation for day 2. I swiftly cancelled our reservation for Animal Kingdom dinner and booked BOG instead. 

We already did BOG breakfast and lunch on our first full day so we knew what to expect. I do love it though and it was a fabulous experience. The food was tasty, the ambiance was a bit more grown up than in the day time (but not too grown up!) and I got my castle themed goblet to take home! (It flashes blue and red… So funny. I noticed a lot of adults had them after they saw mine so I started a trend!)

The difference with dinner is you get proper table service and you can have wine – we had the rosé, naturally. And after dinner, the Beast receives guests in his study!












  1. ashleykyleanderson

    That ballroom looks amazing!! I am looking forward to seeing it someday. Although I have to say that the photo of the beast did creep me out just a little. I think I prefer to see the princesses. 🙂


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