In pictures: Epcot Food and Wine festival

I loved Epcot! We managed to land right in the middle of their annual Food and Wine festival… Some might call this serendipity!

We also went on the rides. Epcot is more of an experienced based park rather than ride based so it’s more about visiting the different “countries” and exploring those. Nevertheless we enjoyed the rides!

Spaceship Earth was our first fast pass. (You can have 3 a day/park booked in advance which I highly recommend. It takes a lot of stress out of the whole thing meaning you know you will get 3 good rides and you don’t have to queue.) We didn’t queue for long for anything really – the longest queue (line, Americans call them lines!) was to meet the seven dwarves at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!

In Epcot we enjoyed Spaceship Earth – it’s a bit old fashioned but fun. Then we went on Mission: SPACE which replicates (okay I don’t know if it does!) a trip to Mars. Omg it was horrific! I mean, it’s a great ride and very clever how it makes you feel the g forces but it made me feel so sick! I enjoyed the fact we went on it but I’m never doing that again! You can do the Green (non g force) version so I might do that next time! Finally we went on Soarin’ which is a dangly leg ride where you feel like a bird. Great fun. We didn’t bother with Test Track as it had a 2hr queue and I’m sure no ride is worth that. Next time!

The real fun came from visiting all the different countries. Because the Food and Wine festival was on we got to try lots of different food and wine. Annoyingly I got IDed at the champagne bar and they wouldn’t accept a European driving licence as proof of age! I’m about 15+ years older than drinking age! They said they’d only accept a passport but who carries that around? If I wanted to get illegally drunk I’d choose a cheaper means! Also UK driving licence is the same as all of Europe… Anyway, it turns out that the other stalls let us order alcohol so all was not lost! Plus at least it means I must look young! 🙂

 Artist palette of cheese and wine

Dominican Republic 
New Zealand lamb meatball in a random Yorkshire pudding!

Craft beer flight (I had the one coffee flavoured beer as I don’t usually drink beer – it was nice!)  plus pretzel sticks and chili cheese dip


Spaceship Earth aka the golf ball

Frozen and Up made out of cake/candy!    

Best hot chocolate ever. Ghirardhelli (sp?)    

Marshmallow Mickey

The Land – an interesting look at agriculture and conservation    


More China




America. We heard / saw Sugar Ray’s Eat to the Beat concert from here!

Japan, where we ate dinner at Teppan Edo – teppanyaki / hibachi grill. It was great. Although they don’t do the sparks volcano (made from onion) for reasons of health and safety – lots of kids around! I was slightly disappointed but it was still a lot of fun and we were sitting with an American family so had lots of chat with the mom about their trips to WDW and what they should do when they visit London next year!

Morocco. I’ve been to quite a few of the Epcot countries and it’s fun to compare! 🙂  

In summary, I really liked Epcot and would definitely go back. And it has great food!



  1. ashleykyleanderson

    Hahahaha you got carded!! That is so funny that they wouldn’t accept your license! I love Epcot, and it’s so cool you got to be there during the Food & Wine festival. Norway is my favorite country there, but I’ve heard that they are redoing the ride to be a Frozen one rather than more cultural, which makes me kind of sad. Was anything even open there?


      • Nara

        Ahhhh it was so nice! I do like Italian hot choc – the stiff stuff you get on holiday or when skiing. But this stuff was ah-may-zing! It was darker and just like drinking silky melted chocolate!

        Liked by 2 people

    • Nara

      Norway had a small Frozen exhibit in the house although it was sponsored by Norway the country (or tourist board) and quite sweet. It had extracts from the film and showing what it was based on (like Christof’s outfit showed a pic of him from the film and then a typical outfit on a mannequin). It was only one room there for the exhibit. I’m sure they are changing it to be more Frozen related! Although T LOVED the Frozen singalong in Hollywood Studios – so funny!

      And yes, I was most put out by the licence refusal! I guess we are used to drinking in England all the time! I just got T to order all the drinks from then on! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Courtney

    EPCOT is my favorite by far, so much to see, do, and eat! It sounds like you were there at a perfect time! We went there a few times just to eat dinner 😋 Not the best use of time, but the food is so fun there!
    Keep having fun!!


    • Nara

      Yes, we did too! It is really fun and the restaurants were great! I liked visiting all the different countries too. I’ve never been anywhere like it… I loved it! I think the thing that sets Disney apart from other parks is the theming… you really feel like you’re in a different world.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. libraryowl33

    Oh my gosh- so, I went to Epcot when I was 7 and I remember nothing. Until I saw your pics of China. I remember meeting up with my cousins there and going inside to see a show. So cool!! Anyhow, this looks like so much fun, but it definitely seems like it would be nice to have two weeks to do it all. Congrats on being carded, but that STINKS that they didn’t accept your ID. Boo on Disney!!


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