In pictures: Hollywood Studios and Disney Springs

A packed day at Hollywood Studios! It was great fun. There are lots of shows as well as some great rides like the Tower of Terror and Rock n Rollercoaster. We then had VIP dining package for Fantasmic – a great meal at the Hollywood Brown Derby (highly recommended) meaning guaranteed centre stage seats for Fantasmic. After Hollywood Studios we then went to Disney Springs (formerly known as Downtown Disney) to soak up the atmosphere. Another great day! We love WDW!

I love this place. We have HS in Paris but it isn’t as hot! 🙂   
Beauty and the Beast on stage. It was great, being my favourite and all. They did a good rendition of Be Our Guest!  

What could this be?!


This was T’s favourite thing of the entire trip! Haha. The narrators (not in the original Frozen story) were really funny. I got totally emotional in Let It Go!


Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant. Amazing. A 3 course meal (dining package for Fantasmic) for $60ish, which for us in the UK is amazing value. My steak was absolutely delicious and would have been about $45 on its own!


Indiana Jones stunt show. Really fun. We didn’t see the car stunt show as we watch it every year in Paris so we were prioritising stuff we don’t get to see usually. 

Giant boulder!


Fantasmic. It was packed. Apparently can hold 11,000 people. Lucky we had VIP seating which meant we had a great central view!


Not a great picture (all my pics are iPhone but we also got the Memory Maker which means I’ll have loads to download when we get home – you get the parks photogs to take your picture which is fun). Fantasmic employs a lot of laser projection type stuff so they show animations on huge water screens. It’s very impressive!


Beauty and the Beast boat. Ahhhhh. 

Fire on water!


Mickey saves the day!

Rock and Roller coaster. One of our favourites from Paris.   

Downtown Disney / Disney Springs. It’s fab! We got a new bauble for the tree. We always get one in Paris. 


I treated myself to a little memento! I do have a full Pandora already but just wanted something small to commemorate our trip. This has the parks exclusive bracelet plus a bead for 2015, one for Epcot and one for WDW. I’ll try and get one for Paris but otherwise just going to try and get one a year, Disney only! 🙂




  1. dinksbydefault

    I am obviously just catching up on reading posts… Totally jealous! I have never been to Disney World but can tell from your posts that Disney World = 100 X Disneyland. So awesome 🙂


    • Nara

      Aww you should definitely go! We love Disneyland Paris and it’s great fun. The difference with Orlando is that it is HUGE. We could easily have spent longer than a week there – I wanted to move there! 🙂


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