Reblog: Why Asian Adoptees Need to Give a Sh*t about #BlackLivesMatter

(I can’t bring myself to swear online but this was too good an article to ignore!)

What if you’re not quite black and you’re not quite white? What are you and does it matter?

“I don’t remember the first time someone told me I was White. But I definitely remember the last. It was the summer of my junior year in college and I was a new student orientation leader. My university was diverse but mostly segregated, and this staff was about half White and half Black – plus […]”


  1. thegreatpuddingclubhunt

    I love your blog because you open my eyes to different ideas I rarely read about in mainstream media 🙂

    This post was written from the eyes of an American, I assume it’s not dissimilar to the UK, but I wondered what your thoughts were with an added British perspective?

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    • Nara

      Ah, I have a lot of thoughts but probably too many to answer in a comment – needs a whole blog of its own! I think racial experiences and politics are very different in the US and particularly the black experience compared to the Asian (“Chinese” in UK) experience is a lot different. For example the historical perspective in the US for both black and Asians is different from the UK. I do think both in the UK and US the experience of Asians is very minimised. Although they seem to have more of an identity in the US – not even really a “thing” in the UK. (When we say Asian we are thinking about Indian, Pakistani, etc not Korean, Chinese, Japanese etc. There isn’t even really a word for East Asians – British just refer to all of them as “Chinese”!)


      • thegreatpuddingclubhunt

        I guess my question can easily become a thesis topic!!!! Sorry!!!!

        Coincidentally I was talking to someone about their South Korean wife (he is a white American) and he told me how much he hates how people in Virginia treat his wife compared to him. He said there are other parts of America that just wouldn’t happen. It’s crazy.


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