Happy turkey (cake) day!


As your resident (blogspace) Americophile, I’m wishing you a very happy thanksgiving (“friendsgiving”!) wherever you happen to be.

T asked me to make a cake for his work’s thanksgiving pot luck so last night after finishing the work stuff, I started at around 22:30 (having already made the cake) and came up with this. 

He is made out of a 9 inch vanilla madeira cake and based on cartoon American turkeys I found on the internet… Our turkeys in the UK don’t look like that! Anyway I thought he turned out quite funny – I find his expression hilarious. As with all my cakes, I don’t do fondant – just buttercream – so he’s covered in buttercream and all the decorations are piped. I eventually finished at 2am or something ridiculous as I had a bit of inspiration fatigue! But I think he turned out nice! πŸ™‚

(I think some people just bring shop bought stuff to work for pot luck days but I am basically the work equivalent of a soccer mom… There’s no way that I’m going to be beaten in the bring-some-stuff-to-work stakes!)

T managed to get him to work in one piece and said that he was the toast of all his colleagues. 

Some pics…

It’s like he seems to change expression each time… SQUAWK!

Oh dear. Not so chirpy now…

(Poor Turkey McLurkey. He was a nice chap!)

So all that remains for me to say for this pm is Happy Thanksgiving!

As for tonight – no rest for the wicked… I have a big cake to make for Saturday. It is rather ambitious… Wish me luck!



  1. My Perfect Breakdown

    I love him!! You did such a great job. If I ever get to London to visit you I’m going to have to order a BigBen cake from you (or something super British like that). πŸ™‚
    Also, have you ever considered making a full time job out of your cake making? You are just so talented!

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    • Nara

      Haha thanks. Not sure I would manage Big Ben but sure I could come up with something!
      I’ve considered being a baker but it makes a lot less money than my day job (I mean the most I could make is a couple of hundred for a day’s work). It wouldn’t work out financially for me right now living in London. Also would have to invest in premises etc to make more than one cake a day (it’s usually a max of one cake every other day as I need to bake it, cool it and then decorate it) so it just wouldn’t make enough to pay the rent! I would have to have solid orders and I am not sure I would manage it physically! Also people are kind of bad about paying for cakes – they want it for what they’d pay in a supermarket whereas I spend a lot of time on mine – if I charged the premium prices I would struggle. I’d probably have to move into the wedding cake arena (which I would like to do) and that is massively competitive. I would be competing with people with no day job etc. Plus all the people I have heard of who gave up to start a bakery had fairly low paid jobs in the first place. Not breadwinners. Which would be tricky!
      I do have a dream to retire and make cakes though. It’s not that I don’t want to do it! I really do! But would not make financial sense right now. :/


  2. Courtney


    I am like you with pot lucks. I always make something from scratch, no excuses. Nothing irritates me more than a pot luck table full of plastic containers with grocery labels attached. Those people wouldn’t present their families with that food, so why present their friends with it?

    Well done!!!!

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    • Nara

      Thank you! I like making stuff for pot lucks although they’re less common here. (I grew up overseas where people do those but I guess it was mainly American expats!) It’s weird just to buy something. Someone came to mine last year for a Christmas pot luck and brought something with a reduced sticker on (some fish that was going off that day!) – we all thought that was soooo weird! πŸ˜‚

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    • Nara

      Ahhh thanks! You must get into it. I was once in the US a few years ago for thanksgiving and I LOVED it! We had pot luck at the office and everyone went and got stuff. It was so fun! Plus what’s not to like about a non religious holiday that you spend with loved ones? I’m instigating my own friendsgiving tradition! πŸ™‚


  3. notabroodychick

    That is just the most awesome cake! I’m so impressed πŸ˜‰ I’m half American so I know the joys of thanksgiving celebrations, and serving that up would I’m sure get such a fab reaction πŸ˜‰ definately a talent there!

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