Life ain’t a cakewalk

Wowzers. I did a whole day class and I’m absolutely exhausted! And now have to go and ice a commission for early tomorrow am… Why on earth do I agree to these things?! It was fun, and I learned some new techniques. I usually only do buttercream so this was a bit of a stretch. Sugarpaste and royal icing!

I ended up with some cute Christmas cakes and cookies. Gotta tell you though: 1) My friends aren’t getting these for Christmas – it takes way too long! 2) I’m not quitting the day job to start a bakery just yet… The effort is immense! πŸ˜‚

Anyway I’d better go have a snack and cuddle Dog before getting started on the cake… It will probably take me all night! Hope you like these little ones…




    • Nara

      Ah thank you!! It’s fun to see the end results but I think if I actually knew how much work they’d be at the start, I wouldn’t do them! πŸ˜‚


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