That Friday feeling

Well, that was a bit of a pity party, wasn’t it? Sorry about that. I really appreciate people’s comments and advice (and virtual hugs!) – I’ve been pretty busy this week on a new cake commission so haven’t yet had a chance to reply. So I thought I would leave you with a quick cake post. 

Today I have a cake course instead of work. Yay! I’m going to Peggy Porschen’s academy for a one day cake decorating class, Christmas themed. I like Peggy Porschen and often use her recipes. The class was a present from my sister. Unfortunately the available date falls right before my cake commission is due so I’ve had to spend the last couple of evenings prepping the cake, and I’ll have to finish it tonight as it’s being collected tomorrow morning. So an all day cake class follows by more cake making! I’m going to be tired!

Here’s one I made earlier… 

Have a great Friday folks!



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