Weekend cakery

So after the all day class yesterday, I got back home and made… This.

Two tiers (that’s FOUR cake layers, people) of chocolate truffle cake, covered with white chocolate buttercream (yums), surrounded by swathes of dark chocolate, topped with gold lustre and chocolate balls (Maltesers, for those in the UK) and assorted fruit (red grapes, raspberries, blueberries… basically what I could find in my local supermarket at 11pm after I begged the security guard to let me in before closing). 

Went to bed at 04:30. Cake got picked up 08:30. Hope it was worth it! I think I’ve made more cakes this week than I have in ages!

Now for some cawfee…

Let’s get this weekend started!

(*For those of you of a pedantic/OCD bent, I dressed the cake for the purposes of the photo. Don’t worry, the raspberries aren’t currently leaking over the white chocolate buttercream… The berries were delivered in a separate Tupperware container to be refrigerated until before the party. I’m good like that.)



  1. thegreatpuddingclubhunt

    It’s a beauty! I’m not sure I’d like to be the one to have to cut it because it’s so beautiful!!!

    Last week at the cinema there was a British ad for maltesers. At first I thought nothing of it and forgot where I was, then I got excited! Woohoo maltesers coming to a cinema near you USA-ians!

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    • Nara

      Oooh Maltesers! Awesomeness! I think there is something American there but not sure what they’re called. But if you get them there then that’s brilliant! I love Maltesers!
      I’m hoping the person delivering the cake sets it up artistically enough. I gave them a lot of fruit. Also you can’t really see it on the pic but there is gold sprayed icing underneath… That was another experiment! You can sort of see it although it’s not as gleaming as I was hoping for! I’m hoping the whole thing doesn’t collapse as they cut into it, although I think the outside chocolate might fall off in chunks/slabs if the knife isn’t sharp enough!


      • thegreatpuddingclubhunt

        You are right, they are called whoppers and are quite offensive in comparison to maltesers 🙂
        Ahh transportation of the cake must be the greatest challenge and then relying on someone else to dress it!! I can imagine it to be Nerve wracking!!!

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      • Nara

        Hahahaha yes. American chocolate I wouldn’t be able to cope with! It might offset all the American food I love!
        Yeah, cake transportation is worrying! That’s why I try not to take any responsibility for it once it’s left my sight! 😉


  2. Courtney

    Beautiful again! I bet you’re tired!

    I’m working on fondant cake accents this weekend so they’re done when I make the cake on Christmas eve. Also baking called for it this weekend so I’m just decorating on the big day!

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    • Nara

      Hahaha I’m sooooo tired. Went round to T’s parents’ for lunch and I had a little doze on the sofa! It did help a bit but now out for the late showing of Hunger Games… Think I need a coffee! ☺️ Mail me about the cake!!!

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  3. ashleykyleanderson

    It has to be so hard not to be able to even TRY any of these masterpieces!!! I’m having a hard enough time not getting to take a bite and I haven’t had anything to do with making them! Also, LOVE maltesers. I first tried them because Orion is a Maltese, haha. My sister just went to London (free trip, go figure) and brought me back some of the Christmas ones. They were little reindeer 🙂

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    • Nara

      Oh don’t worry, I try the offcuts! 😉 I did try a few bits of this as the cake is very dense, like a chocolate brownie, and then it’s sort of a bit crumbly on the top – so bits fell off and I thought it only polite to eat them! 😂 I also sampled the White chocolate buttercream and I’ll definitely be making that again!

      How funny about Orion and the Maltesers – did you like them? The balls are different to the reindeer which are a special Christmas edition. The balls are mainly malt balls and covered in a bit of chocolate. I love them!


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