Why channel 5’s 10,000 BC: Two Tribes is required viewing

Could you live as a caveman (/woman) in 10,000 BC?

That’s exactly what the latest programme from the UK’s Channel 5 is (not) asking. 

Ever since I saw the posters popping up around tube stations in London, and the adverts on telly, I was intrigued. Firstly, what the heck would possess anyone to want to go and live in the Stone Age? Really? No wifi? Not happening. Secondly, as a child of the 90s (well, teenager) I well remember the days of The Real World, Shipwrecked, Castaway and Big Brother and I know that crashing together a bunch of strangers in a remote location does not sound like my idea of fun. 

Nonetheless, I told myself it was going to be an intriguing social experiment (y’know, how we said Big Brother would be the first time) and T and I duly tuned in. All I can say is: It’s absolutely amazing. 

Forget the badly sewn together animal skin clothing and the fact that I’m pretty sure there’s a whole load of behind the scenes help that they get (they’re never in danger as if anyone needs medical treatment, they bring in the medics) – it is simply hilarious to watch this microcosm of the human condition play out in such circumstances. 

Humans may rail against societal structures and yet they’re keen to put them in place. They naturally seek hierarchy. There’s two tribes (clue is in the name) and they don’t know about each other – how they form independently and get leaders, and how those leaders influence how that tribe feels is compelling viewing. 

Oh, and it’s a little bit like a Stone Age soap opera.

Tune in on Channel 5 player!



    • Nara

      It is really funny! We watched the first one for a laugh and then got hooked.

      What I find really interesting is that there are certain styles of leadership that don’t get the best out of people. The tribe with the dictator leader really didn’t enjoy it at all, and yet nobody said anything!


  1. circumstance227

    Years ago there was a reality show about a group of people hiking through the Austrian Alps – roughing it, living off the land, you know – survival stuff. One of the episodes was in a region where a friend of ours happens to be the head ranger. He told us about all the work they had to do in advance of the camera crews and actors arriving. The hundreds of trips up and down the mountain in jeeps and tractors to deliver supplies, porto-potties, temporary shelters, shower facilities and water heaters, etc. etc. Also to lay electric cabling all the way up, to set up a temporary telecommunication relay station, to place rescue and emergency vehicles nearby (but not in view of the cameras!) It was the greatest story – even better than the show itself.


    • Nara

      Haha! Yes we did say “Bet there are loads of food packs, technology, cameras etc”… I can imagine there’s a lot more support than there seems to be on camera!

      We have found it absolutely riveting though. It reminds me of the best and worst of us! I guess the take home message is that there will always be “those people”, even in the Stone Age! 🙂


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