The results are in!

Well tonight we went to get the results from Dr S.

The good news is… I’m mainly normal! (In blood at least! Shame about the personality!) We went through all the tests I mentioned on my previous post and they were mainly in the normal range.

There was a tonne of info to take in (lots of printed numbers which we cantered through) and we just got home and took Dog out (it’s 8pm in the UK) so I’m just doing a quick update – can provide more info later once I’ve had a chance to digest, if anyone’s interested!

There was some minor genetic thing that he said is already being treated by the folic acid that I’m taking as part of his recommended protocol. However the main finding was that I have a slight abnormality with the NK reaction. I have natural killer cells within the “normal” range (just as all the other tests were within a normal range, including liver function – good job I’ve almost given up drinking!) apart from there is a test where they put the NK cells into a pregnancy-like state and see how aggressively they react. My reaction was borderline, in that it was just above the “normal” range of reactions.

Therefore Dr S recommends I do the excitingly named “Borderline protocol”. This means that I…

  • Carry on taking the supplements he recommended (Pregnacare, Vit D, baby aspirin, Omega 3)
  • Heparin injections to start around day 4-6 of stims (I had normal sticky blood but Dr S recommends all his patients do heparin as it helps with implantation)
  • Intralipid infusion (one off at same time as starting heparin – works out 7-10 days before egg collection) plus another if pregnancy is confirmed
  • Prednisolone to start around egg collection (This is steroid to address the NK cell reaction)
  • Omeprazole at same time(ish) as prednisolone (This is to address the stomach upset prednisolone can cause – T actually has this prescribed for heartburn)
  • Progesterone to continue further past the progesterone you get with IVF if pregnancy is confirmed

He also said I could consider endometrial scratch. I’m not sure about this as I managed to get pregnant in IVF 1, so I’m not sure if I need help with implantation… Will have to give it some thought.

He said not to worry about the bleed I had last week as I’ll be down regulated during IVF anyway.

It was a lot to take in, and T was able to listen to most of it although he got there a bit late. It was the first time he met Dr S, who was very debonair in a cravat. (All doctors should take a leaf from Dr S when it comes to sartorial choices! Very cheery!) He’s still moderately sceptical I think but at least understands that it’s worth exploring every avenue and giving ourselves the best chance. Of course, IVF2 could work just because. But at least there has been one (borderline) reason identified and it can be addressed fairly easily.

I also had to sign a disclaimer that I understand the treatment is not approved for medical use / during pregnancy etc and that I’m okay with that. Well I figure in for a penny, in for a pound. (The medication cost today which they gave me was a lot less difficult than the bill two and a half weeks ago! Phew! Was a pleasant surprise after the last one!)

Anyway, not quite sure how I feel yet. I’m glad there’s nothing huge wrong with me but then I wonder if it would be better to have more that gives an obvious explanation as to why I’ve never had a natural pregnancy. But Dr S thinks it’s a good thing. He seems optimistic, but perhaps that’s just his manner!

I’m making dinner so going to think on it – I don’t have to start doing anything until after down regulation anyway, which means the bulk of treatment won’t happen till April. That seems ages away. Off to eat my baked potato!



    • Nara

      Don’t worry… I don’t understand half of it either! I know it’s related to the test results. The NK reaction mainly. I figure it’s worth a shot!


  1. theskyandback

    Well that is good news! I’m surprised that they didn’t find more, but I think it’s awesome that they didn’t! It must be a great feeling to have a plan going forward. I like that this doc has a “borderline plan.”


    • Nara

      Thank you! I know. I’m not sure how I feel. You’d think there would be more reasons why I haven’t got pregnant for 15+ years. But maybe my NK cells are really bloody mean! πŸ˜‰ Or maybe I’ve just never “tried” at the right time? It’s all confusing! He did say when I asked that question that it was a good thing not a bad thing. He said the more things “wrong” the more complicated treatment gets as you have to try and figure out how the body responds to different combinations.


  2. RJ

    Great news! And sounds like you have a good plan for heading forward. Good luck! Looking forward to hearing how the treatment plans goes with this upcoming cycle.


    • Nara

      Thank you! I’m waiting to hear re the cycle but he said not to worry about the bleed as I’ll be down regulated anyway, so my natural cycle is surpressed. Also hoping that I’ll be in a better position for success as I’ll be healthier (lost weight, hardly any alcohol over past few months and not on a stressful project) and will have been taking the supplements for a bit.

      I guess I’m worried in that doom-laden way that I might do all this stuff and it might not work!


  3. TryTryAgain

    Brilliant news! πŸ™‚ I’m really glad that you’ve got a plan going forward and am so hoping that it all works and that this next one is the one for you! Xxx


  4. dinksbydefault

    Do the endo scratch, hurts like a mother but my Dr. swears it increases chances of success (something about making your lining regenerate?). Seriously, if you trust your doc on his other recommendations, why not take his advice on this one? πŸ™‚


  5. Babyscienceproject

    Great – sounds like the same drug protocol I was on (apart from the intralipids). If you get a private prescription you might want to shop around a bit to get a good price (especially for the Clexane, aka heparin, everything else is pretty cheap). Ali’s pharmacy in Shadwell or Healthcare at Home are pretty good.


    • Nara

      That’s good news! I got all the drugs from the doc so no need to shop around. It wasn’t too bad really. Maybe if I do it again I’ll have to try and get a better deal!


  6. Maternally Optimistic

    All sounds really postive. Always good to have a plan, helps you look forward and stay positive. Great news!


  7. Amy M.

    Disregard my comment on your last post…I’m playing catch-up!! I’m glad that overall your results were good, and the one questionable one is easily dealt with!!! Hope the next month goes fast for you so you can get on with your treatments, and that treatments go well so that you get a BFP soon after! Good luck!


  8. ashleykyleanderson

    I remember reading about someone else dealing with the NK cells thing, but don’t recall what happened exactly. I will have to see if I can look back and find something. I’m disappointed you’re pushed back to April now as I know you were really hoping to get through the cycle before then. And while there may still be some questions left unanswered, I am hopeful that this and the fibroid removal will make all the difference for you. I can understand T’s skepticism because that’s how I usually approach things (Kyle is the resident optimist in our relationship as you may have figured), but it’s nice to hear that you seem to be feeling more hopeful. Let’s do this!


  9. Jein

    That sounds good, Nara! I have my fingers crossed for you! x

    β€œHope is the thing with feathers
    That perches in the soul
    And sings the tune without the words
    And never stops at all.”


  10. 30yr old nothing

    I love it!! Sounds like a solid plan and let me just say I love that he wore a cravat!! Makes me like him even more. I’m very excited for your cycle now and this gave me some questions to ask my RE because I’m concerned about our lack of implantation.


  11. notabroodychick

    Interesting you have to take omeprazole, I was on prednisolone too and never had that, and didn’t have any side effects from it. When I finally stopped it at 15 weeks i did have one dodgy day of feeling awful and a slight fever which I think was related to stopping it, but that’s all. Glad you have your protocol sorted.


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