Reblog: 4 Reasons People Think It Is Okay To Be Racist Towards Asians

At the Oscars, Chris Rock, who ironically made it a point to address the lack of diverse representation at the awards ceremony, also made an insensitive joke that played to Asian American stereotypes and child labor. You can watch a clip here: …and by the way, those are not those children’s real names…

Read more… (Really, do! Please!)



  1. EmilyMaine

    Very interesting and totally valid point. So bizarre that a black person talking about racism thinks it is ok to make racist jokes about another minority group. That just totally baffles me!


    • Nara

      It baffles me, too. I felt that when I saw it but hadn’t seen it so well articulated until I saw this article. It’s so odd that it’s somehow okay for him to make racist jokes about Asians. It’s like kids who’ve been bullied bullying other kids.


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