My neighbour is a p****

It’s not often I swear [online] as I still feel that I’ll get into trouble or something. But it’s 04:30 in the morning and my upstairs neighbour is playing loud club tunes through my ceiling. He’s also having a party which means there is loud noise from people shouting on his balcony.

This isn’t an isolated event. Sometimes it goes on until 7-8 in the morning. The bass pumps through the floor into our flat and wakes me up. Then I just feel frustrated and can’t sleep. It kind of calmed down over the winter months but I guess we are back to the all night parties again. 

I’ve asked him to turn it down before. I have his mobile number. I’ve texted it. I could go up and ask them to turn it down but quite frankly I’m in my nightwear and I don’t have my glasses on so can’t see, and I don’t see why I should get up and go out of my flat and upstairs just to tell the selfish ****er to turn it down. 

I’m so not a party pooper (or maybe I am). I can accept noise until 1, or even 2ish, but past 2 I figure it’s time to assume that normal people want to sleep. 

I’m also annoyed as I need to get up in a few hours. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a baby in these conditions. Maybe the baby would just get used to it. 

Me? I want to slap the dude. But I’ll probably just post a passive aggressive message instead. Ironic how that might be my one reason to return to Facebook (temporarily). 

Happy Easter. 



  1. sewingbutterfly

    My council has noise limits for after midnight on Friday and Saturday night. We could call the police and make a noise complaint. But that always brings complications with it…that is really inconsiderate of your neighbour. My husband does shift work and the amount of people who STILL knock on the door despite the ‘shiftworker sleeping’ sign is ridiculous.


    • Nara

      Your poor husband!

      I don’t know about our council rules. It’s still going. 05:25 here. I want to go and blast loud music through his door at 9am or something. He’s such a douche.

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    • Nara

      He’s just stopped (for now). It’s been an hour. I’m so angry as I need to get up early (to start my IVF meds, first injection of the cycle). I’m telling him I’m reporting him to the council if it continues. I’m so hacked off.


  2. Babyscienceproject

    I hate those people…we have the same problem. You should knock on the door early this morning and ask him nicely to be more considerate next time or you’ll have to call the council. It’s great to wake people up when they’ve got a stinking hangover. Once you’ve warned him, call the council next time. You can’t be nice about this or he’ll take advantage. Yuck, what a horrible human being.


  3. flatwhitetogo85

    What a total arsehole. I HATE people like that. SO inconsiderate. When I lived in London I had this all the time. I’m sure it made my insomnia worse because I also started to get anxious about going to bed in case the noise from upstairs/next door kept me up all night.

    When are you moving? Or don’t you know? It’s so unfair because you CAN call the police (non-emergency obvs) or contact your council, but at the end of the day an arsehole will always be an arsehole and they’ll just find another way to be a nuisance (and probably still not turn the noise down in the process!).

    I really hope he has the decency to turn the noise down tonight. I also hope you have the volume on full blast for the rest of the day, as I imagine he’ll try and sleep through the day! x x x


    • Nara

      It got turned down at 05:30 although it was still going – I assume he closed the balcony. Don’t know if we are moving yet. Hopefully soon!


  4. notpregnantinrezza

    You are so tolerant. I get mad if my neighbours have loud music after 11. But regularly so late is so annoying. And swear away I reckon I don’t think there are many non-swear words that would describe your neighbour well enough.


  5. Amy M.

    People are so rude and selfish. We had issues like that with neighbors when we lived in the condo, we actually called the police on them a couple times. I don’t know what the rules are like there, but there is a noise ordinance here between about 10-11pm through 7am. If you’re disturbing the peace between those hours, you can actually get a ticket and a fine. I would talk to your property manager…I assume you have one since you’re in an apartment!


    • Nara

      Yeah, apparently it’s after 11 that’s bad. Unfortunately the council noise people are only on duty until 03:30 and his music woke me up at 04:15! I assume they go somewhere else first (out?) and then come back for the after party. I’ve spent the whole day feeling in a bad (sleep deprived) mood with him. I’m going to talk to the property people when they’re back in on Tuesday!

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    • Nara

      Ha! I saw that and considered it! Although he’s gay so he might like it! (Music still going on at 07:30… Seriously must be on drugs to stay awake so long!)


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