IVF 2: The numbers are in

I’m still really snoozy so this will be short. 

Egg collection day today and so we headed in to see what the result of my stims was. Massive bloat! The nurse was really lovely and had the same name as my mum. Very jokey and kept saying she was here to give me a cocktail (of drugs). 

Unfortunately it was difficult to get a line in so I ended up after a failed attempt having a wrist cannula. I’m fine with arms but I find the hand and wrist ones a bit icky. 

They retrieved 7 eggs. 

I’m not sure how to feel about this. My first reaction is to be disappointed. Last time they retrieved 12 eggs, of which 6 fertilised and only 1 made it to transfer. I really felt the effects of the stims a lot more this time and was on different meds. T thinks it’s not so bad and maybe they are better eggs. I hope so. 

I really hope we have a better fertilisation rate this time. 

On the funny side, I didn’t bring any slippers (travelling light) and so I got an improvised set of one shoe cover and one hair cover for my feet…



  1. wonkygenes

    I got 7 on my last cycle and from that I had two 5 day blastocysts (better than when I had 9 retrieved on the previous cycle). Don’t read too much into the numbers at the moment, as quality is most important. 7 is a great number!! Try to relax and recover, get eating protein and drinking electrolytes. Sending hugs. X

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    • Nara

      Thanks! No we aren’t doing ICSI. Apparently not needed due to T’s super spunk (his words!). He says he has a good feeling! We will find out in the next two hours… Eek!

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  2. TryTryAgain

    Love the slippers!! πŸ™‚ glad that it’s done now and definitely thinking of quality rather than quantity. Take good care of yourself and hope the bloating calms down now. I’ll be thinking of you and the little eggs πŸ™‚ xx

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  3. Arwen

    Lots of hugs, seven is a good number but I get the feeling of wanting more
    Here’s hoping they’re fantastic eggs, I shall be crossing everything for your eggs and sperm to have an awesome fertilising party tonight!!!

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  4. 30yr old nothing

    Awesome slippers!! I understand being despondent about getting less this round but you never know how things go at this stage. I had 2 less at retrieval but 1 more at biopsy stage compared to the last cycle so you really never know. I hope you’re relaxing to the max and I hope all 7 fertilize beautifully! xxx

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  5. EmilyMaine

    It is so hard not to get hung up on the numbers. Regardless of my starting numbers my mature numbers were always about the same so that meant after my super retrieval I had a massive fall off rate (almost half). Hold out for quality. Wish you some nice strong embies in there xx

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    • Nara

      Thanks! I know I’m probably just worried about the numbers as we had 12 last time which only resulted in 1. I’m hoping that these are better quality. X


  6. thegreatpuddingclubhunt

    I’m thinking positive things for you all and your eggs turning into embies! I have absolutely everything crossed!!!

    I am so sorry about the IV – honestly I nearly passed out seeing your photo because I think it is a horrible place to go. I had it higher up in my forearm last time around and it worked out so well…the wrist just makes me feel queasy I don’t know why!

    take it easy and hope you recover nice and quick. X

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    • Nara

      Thank you!

      Argh sorry about the photo. I’m never that bad with lines but I felt quite bad with that one. She was going to do it on the back of my hand which is worse! I have bad veins! πŸ˜‚

      Just relaxing in bed with dog today! 🐢


  7. Ash

    I had 17 eggs, 11 mature, 2 fertilised, 1 blast…numbers don’t mean much in this game Nara. Fingers crossed that those 7 are all you’ll ever need xxxx

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