IVF 2: Fertilisation

Woohoo! Looks like 5/7 fertilised which seems fairly optimistic. (Last time was 6/12 ending up with one day 5 transfer.)

So it looks like a Monday morning transfer. They said it might be Saturday if they decide to go for day 3 but felt more likely Monday, so assuming we don’t get a call Saturday morning we will be on for Monday. 

Also she explained why we only had one last time – apparently we did have three on day 5, but they prefer only to transfer one as they think that’s the best chance. The others were okay but not good enough to freeze apparently. This time I would love it if we could get some frosties, if only not to have to go through stims again. But we shall see. 

I’m recovering well. Was quite ill last night – I even ended up throwing up! But not a lot. Apparently nausea is quite normal. I slept most of the rest of yesterday and through last night, and so I feel lots better today. Thank you to everyone for the well wishes! Dog is helping my recovery by snoring on me.

Here’s hoping the little embryos keep growing!



  1. ashleykyleanderson

    Keep growing, sweet little embies! Your American friend has lots of things in mind that she’d like to buy for you!

    Hope you’re continuing to recover well. It’s nice they cleared up some of what had happened with your previous cycle. I’ve got my fingers crossed that this is your turn now and I can’t wait to celebrates with you. I owe you a message… have had a lot of tough stuff going on and it’s been a difficult few weeks. We have a family funeral out of town this weekend now but I’ll try to send something before we leave. I’ve been thinking of you all the time though!πŸ’—πŸ’— lots of love, friend.

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