Reblog: The loneliness of infertility

Reblogged from AKL – a brilliant read. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

Ladies, if you’ve not seen this already, head on over to Elle magazine (US) and check out this very accurate and interesting article titled The Loneliness of Infertility by Anna Hecker: 


Anna also wrote about the IVF process in more detail here and it’s also good:



  1. The EcoFeminist

    “It’s the way I stare too hard at mothers on the street, trying to guess their age.” Yep…or the way I look at pregnant women and try to imagine that she’s succeeded finally with IVF rather than just got knocked up accidentally.

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  2. thegreatpuddingclubhunt

    This is a very good post – everything I’ve ever felt about this living in limbo land! The clothes thing….so true about not buying clothes – I sent back a whole box of clothes from my stitch fix this time because I just thought why am I buying clothes if I get pregnant I’ll just need to buy new ones! Stupid limbo land… 😔

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