IVF 2: The wait before the two week wait (TMI)

So, it’s quite exciting as we might be transferring tomorrow or Monday. I kind of hope for Monday as that means we’d have embryos that look like blastocysts. Apparently that is a good thing. (I try to limit my knowledge a bit… I know that sounds counter productive but honestly I have a tendency to overanalyse things and worry! I got through IVF cycle 1 without hardly expecting or understanding anything! Nevertheless I’ve picked up a bit going through this, so I do worry…)

I’m hopeful we’ll have a couple of embryos to transfer. Actually I would really love twins, because that way they’d have siblings without having to risk going through this again, but equally I’d be happy with one. I’m actually one of those people who sort of focuses on one thing at a time – like I have to have a favourite. T is my favourite human, Dog is my favourite dog, J is my favourite BFF, and X (ha) is my favourite sibling! etc.

Anyway, I thought I’d write a bit on this TMI, so skip to the bottom if you are of a queasy or squeamish nature.

I’m currently on a regimen of loads of pills and injections which is a bit much to take, so I don’t know what the symptoms are coming from, although I think it’s probably the Crinone (progesterone gel).

This is my daily regime:

  • 06:30 – Omeprazole – for indigestion relating to Prednisolone. Needs to be taken 2hrs before or after any antibiotics or steroids. 1 tablet.
  • 07:30 – Crinone gel – this is a bit like a tampon that you insert and squeeze the gel out. Nice. Part of the IVF protocol.
  • 08:30 – Antibiotic capsule – I have to take this for 5 days following the egg collection to prevent infection. Part of the IVF protocol.
  • 08:30 – 25mg Prednisolone – this is for the NK reaction which I was found during the immune testing to be borderline – it’s to dampen the body’s reaction to fight against pregnancy. I’ve been taking this since the egg collection. This is 5 little tablets.
  • 08:30 – 1 Omega 3 capsule – also part of immune protocol.
  • 08:30 – 1 baby aspirin – you guessed it, immune protocol.
  • 08:30 – 1 Pregnacare (includes folic acid and Vitamins) – as above.
  • 08:30 – 2 vitamin D capsules – as above.

Pause for a slight rest.

  • 19:00-21:00 – Heparin injection. This is the one that hurts! And leaves a big bruise. Part of the immune protocol.
  • 20:00 – Antibiotic capsule – I have to take this in the evening as well for 5 days following egg collection. Part of the IVF protocol.


Have I forgotten anything? That is a shed load of medication. No wonder I’m feeling a bit weird.

Anyway the TMI bit is here… I’ve had this weird side effect which I’m not sure is a side effect of the Crinone or the other million things I’m taking.

It’s… Abdominal pain. But also, weird va***a pain. (Okay, I’m not a prude but I don’t want the kind of people who search on that to come to my blog!)

Um – does anyone else get this? Is it a weird hangover from my egg collection? The Crinone or any of the other millions of pills and whatnot I’m taking? I really don’t remember it from last time.

Otherwise… I’m enjoying the roll off at work (still working my notice period so any work I do is gratefully received!) plus the long saying goodbye to everyone (I’m not having leaving drinks because hopefully I’ll be pregnant, but I guess there might be time for last minute ones if I’m not).

And in England (I think possibly the rest of the UK as well) we have the bank holiday! Which means that we have a long weekend with Monday off! Whoop whoop. T has to work the bank hol but other than that we will be chilling out (and packing, if T has anything to do with it – I’ve been pleading invalid-ness).

Happy weekend y’all!



  1. My Perfect Breakdown

    I’m so excited for your transfer!!! That’s just awesome and exciting. I am always so hopeful when anyone does a transfer!
    I have absolutely no thoughts on the medication and side effects but I do hope soon the side effects become morning sickness and all things pregnancy. 😉

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  2. screwyoustork

    I tend to feel any big shifts in my hormones in the vaj. Mine tends to hurt/itch when my estrogen drops (after ovulation, right before my period). But as I’m finding out right now, it also hurts when my estrogen spikes, as it is now on all the stims. So it could just be that you have a lot of hormones shifting around in your body right now?

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  3. AKL

    I’ve not had that experience before or heard of it but definitely worth mentioning to your dr when you next see him/her. You have soooo many meds!! It’s amazing you can keep track. I have progesterone pessaries morning and night, estrogen tablets morning and night and Clexane (blood thinner) injections daily. I also take Pregnacare but that’s my choice, not my doctor telling me to. I think that’s a lot but now I’m having second thoughts!


  4. Amy M.

    That’s a lot of meds! I would have to write it all on a spreadsheet and check it off as I took it to make sure that I didn’t forget anything!!
    As for the strange pain…I’m not sure exactly what sort of pain you’re having, but I may be able to relate. After both of my egg retrievals, for a few days (3-4 or something, I don’t remember exactly as I tried to forget about it) afterwards I felt like my whole uterus or something was going to fall out every time I went pee. It wasn’t necessarily a pain, just a strange unhinged-inside type of feeling. When I went to the bathroom, I literally would bend forward at the waist and hold onto my belly, because it really felt like if I didn’t my insides would come out as I went. It did lighten up as time went on, and was gone by a few days afterwards. I’m not sure what caused it, but like I said it happened both times. Hope that helps! (Probably not, but it’s all I can offer you lol!)

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      • Amy M.

        Ha!! Well I’m glad I could help!! Give it a few days, it should lighten up and go away. I will say after my second retrieval it lasted longer I’m pretty sure.

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      • Nara

        Yes, I never noticed it the first time! It’s so weird! I thought it was the Crinone but then again it was after retrieval I started taking it, so it’s the same timings!

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      • Amy M.

        I didn’t take anything after either retrieval and I still had the strangeness. I think it’s just from your body adjusting to having all those eggs gone and trying to figure out what to do with itself to compensate lol.

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    • Ash

      Yep I second this, I had a weird heavy sensation after egg collection that I had difficulty explaining to my acupuncturist, it wasn’t excruciating just a weird dull ache, then she said “oh it feels like your uterus is going to fall out” and I was kind of shocked at her words but then I was like “um…yeah exactly” haha! Our bodies have been through so much so I guess it’s little wonder that we feel a bit messed up down there!

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  5. The EcoFeminist

    Gotta say, glad you shared as I didn’t want to on my own blog (which is not anonymous and also is one that I know several clients read!) – mine, even two weeks now after the negative when all I’m in is birth control, is a sudden shooting pain that seems to be a direct line from the inside of my belly button down to the vajayjay, sometimes just when I’m sitting here and sometimes when I turn onto my side in bed. It’s an eye-roll-back-in-my-head “IVF exorcist” moment. aaaaah! Since I’m in donor egg ivf-land, I only do progesterone and estrogen and this last 3rd cycle was the first time I had it. All I can say is I wish I could go back to cycle two where I had involuntary O’s in my sleep, that was so much more fun!

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  6. EmilyMaine

    Well it seems Amy was able to help you so yay for that as I had nothing! That is a massive list of meds. I am hoping with everything that your embies are growing so nicely that you can get that blast transfer 🙂


  7. circumstance227

    I usually don’t comment on your IVF posts (partly because I don’t understand half of the stuff you are writing about), but I am crossing my fingers for you now (and hoping that means the same thing in British English!) and wanted to let you know.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Ash

    Very exciting Nara!! Good luck with the transfer!!!! As to limiting the knowledge I actually think that’s often a good plan of attack throughout this process. My specialist didn’t give me many details about grading of embryos etc, and I’m grateful to him for that because I think he knew that it would only make me overanalyse everything. Not knowing actually worked better for me (emotionally & mentally). So definitely do whatever works for you and keeps you more sane! X


  9. Paigeed

    Holy crap ton of meds! I’m sure that’s why you are feeling funky. I actually experience the vag ache this cycle as well, 7 DPO but I’m just on a Clomid cycle. I wish I knew what caused it. I’m SOOO hoping that this transfer goes as smoothly as you need it to!


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