IVF 2: Eggy update

Had a call from the embryologist this morning (woke me up!) and I thought, uh oh, going to have to do a transfer today. But good news! (I think?) We are going ahead with the transfer on Monday.

Which means we still have 3 embryos of “good quality” going, so the plan is for us to do the transfer on Monday morning. I think the other 2 are still going, but they’re not of sufficient quality. This is basically the same as we had last time and we only ended up transferring one.

She also mentioned that we “might” have the option to freeze (that would be amazing!) if they are good quality on Monday. I’m just hoping they keep going well over the weekend. I keep saying to T that twins would be awesome, but they don’t do multiples in general at our clinic – they are advocates of one at a time, which apparently has less risk both for pregnancy continuing and for the health of mother and baby. I get that but… I’m late 30s and I sort of can’t see myself doing through IVF more times than necessary to have one child. I don’t know. Anyway I don’t think we get the choice.

In photos:

I don’t have many photos this week as they are all of Dog, and as I am slightly anon, he is too! 

Here are my new Nike Air Huareches. I got them in the sale, and apparently they’re super trendy. I wouldn’t know, but you know, I like to think I have a bargain and the current trainers (sneakers) I have are dorky Skechers I got for Disney. They’re comfortable but soooo dorky (I-saw-an-old-woman-wearing-them-dorky) so I decided it was time to treat myself.

The little talked about side effect of IVF is how you put on so much weight and bulk (well, I do anyway, and other people have said they do as well). So it’s important to do a few things to make myself feel slightly less horrendously unattractive! Right now I can only just do up my coat because my boobs have swollen up so much, and I physically can’ took at myself when I get out of the shower. When I complained about my swollen boobs, T complained about his “swollen balls”! I honestly can’t bring myself to do anything though… My body confidence is really not good right now. If I was actually pregnant it would be different, but right now I just feel fat! Plus the progesterone gel (Crinone) build up doesn’t exactly make me feel like sexy time! I’ll have to try and help him out soon!

At least shoes fit whatever size you are!

One of the partners at work had a lunch session (where they buy you lunch for the purposes of being nice / connecting with the people) and he just so happens to be my favourite partner, and I’m working my notice, so I popped along.

Nachos! My favourite.

This is my neighbour’s garden. I like the fact that it’s in a block of flats and that it’s basically a patio, and yet he puts in loads of effort to make it green. He takes plants which have been abandoned and tries to make them live – one was lying on the pavement and I next saw it in his garden!

Happy weekend everyone!



  1. Amy M.

    Yummy nachos!!! I love them!! I hope your embies keep growing strong and you have some to freeze!! I feel the same way you do about how many to transfer and wanting twins. I’ll be 38 next week, twins would have been ideal…but my clinic is the same way, they seriously strive for singleton pregnancies. We didn’t have a choice either really. Sending you lots of positive growing vibes, and good luck for Monday!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. babyangelb

    Good luck!! I felt the same way, I would have liked twins. Unless,we win the lottery, we can’t do IVF again so this will likely be my last pregnancy. We did transfer 2, but only one sticky baby. I was gonna tell you too, my Dr had us hold off on sex until I was 12 weeks pregnant. He said it would help prevent another miscarriage.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Disorderly Love

    Awesome! G’luck, can’t wait to read the next updates to come!!

    & I agree, IVF was NOT good for my body confidence either. Ugh.
    So I 100% feel ya, there!

    Also, I’m totally with you on more than 1. I mean, ultimately, it should be your decision. Most clinics, from what I hear/read, advocate mostly for 2 anyway and potentially more past 30. Regardless, the BIGGEST thing I learned is to advocate for myself MORE. I wish I had done that when we first went down this road.
    Best wishes XOXO

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nara

      Thanks Cesilee! I think usually in the US they go for more than one but in the UK they usually do one only unless you have low quality or are over 40. I’m being treated on the NHS which means I don’t get so much choice – I could probably choose if I went private though. I will definitely ask tomorrow. Although T only wants one! 😂
      Thanks for understanding about the body confidence – hopefully it will be worth it in the end. Xx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. flatwhitetogo85

    Firstly, and most importantly, OMG THOSE NACHOS. *Drool* :p

    Secondly, and obviously nowhere near as important as Nachos, that’s amazing about the embryos! Good luck today.

    I can understand you wanting to go for twins. We felt the same way. I had age on my side, but it was the thought of the additional cycles of IVF we would need to get a sibling (assuming IVF ever worked for us). Our clinic allowed us to, but they strongly advised me and BT not to (because they said we had time on our side). In the end, as you know, they cancelled our first cycle just before we were about to start and unbelievably I fell pregnant naturally that month.

    As for the weight gain, I’m really sorry you feel so low. It’s totally understandable and of course you won’t feel like getting your s*xy on with T. I am sure you look fantastic and that you don’t look anywhere near as big as you feel, but I am sorry that it’s hit your confidence at a time when you’re probably feeling a little cr*ppy anyway. I always think it’s sad that everyone throws around the compliments when we’ve lost loads of weight and when we’re feeling good about ourselves…but when we’ve gained weight and feel like rubbish and would do anything to hear a few nice words, everyone is suddenly silent 🙂 x x x


  5. notpregnantinrezza

    You may have already had your transfer by now but either way crossing my fingers for you and hoping the next two weeks go by as quickly as possible. I had weight gain with ivf cycles too and combined with the moodiness it really sucks. Hope you’re feeling okay x

    Liked by 1 person

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