IVF 2: Beta result

I got my beta result for 5 weeks. 

It’s 4701. According to Dr Google, the range for week 5 is 217-7138. Some even say up to 10,000!

I’m 5 weeks 1 day today and my second beta is tomorrow morning so by tomorrow pm we should have the result from that. 

Not sure what to think as there is such a big range – apparent the key thing is that it’s going up rather than down. Some places say it should double every 48hrs. We shall see. At least it confirms I am pregnant! Does that count as another hurdle?

Today I’ve been really tired. It is lucky I’m working my notice and nobody expects me to do anything. I had a sort of leaving lunch today (a women’s lunch that work paid for – take that, mean boss!) which was nice, and I made my coworkers some cupcakes with the leftover buttercream from the rainbow cakes, so they were overjoyed. 

I went into work this morning and then was so tired I went home and had a sleep after lunch! We are out with friends this evening for a show and I am wondering how I’ll stay awake. I’m just glad that I have some flexibility with work right now. (I did some stuff for a director this morning and felt a massive sense of achievement, haha! Must’ve taken it out of me!) Also feeling a bit sick but not sure if that’s just hunger because the lunch wasn’t very nice and I was too tired to go and get something else. 

So anyway just a quick update from me and hopefully we will have some progress tomorrow. 



  1. Arwen

    OK that’s an amazing first number. Even though we didn’t do betas our clinic said after the level reaches > 2000 the doubling slows down so a healthy doubling time with such a high number can be up to 72-96 hours. Also after your hcg is >2500 you’re able to see a sacred on us. This is a good thing sweetheart, another huge hurdle cleared I believe xxxx

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  2. waitingbetweenthelines

    I’ve expressed to you before my dislike of betas… Not because there isnt scientific behind it (there is) but because there’s nothing to be bloody done regardless and so in my opinion, ignorance is best. Having said this… Remember that beta levels are supposed to double up until a certain point at which time the doubling slows down. You’re looking good for now! Yay!

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    • Nara

      Yes, you are the same as T! He thinks it adds more worry, but I do feel less worried (even though it hasn’t doubled) compared with not knowing anything at all. At least it is going in the right direction!


      • waitingbetweenthelines

        Yes it’s very reassuring when it’s going in the right direction. My first pregnancy it was not going in the right direction and it was an absokute Trauma waiting for the next beta result, then the next scan and and and… I swore I wouldn’t do it again. My second pregnancy I elected to do no beta testing but I started bleeding and ended up miscarrying despite seeing a heartbeat… So I really have no idea which is the best approach. The bottom line is that you’re doing what is best for you and what brings you the most comfort, and that is important!


  3. Amy M.

    Great first number. I just wanted to share this link with you, which is what I used when I first got pregnant and was going through beta testing. Just keep in mind that you can’t freak out if it doesn’t double exactly, because once it gets up in the thousands it won’t double the same way! Hope this helps, and good luck!!

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  4. silentmiscarriageloudthoughts

    Great number! And like others have said, because it’s so high it’s less likely to double within 48hours. The beta base is great (http://www.betabase.info/chart/doubling/single), as it shows the average doubling times in viable pregnancies within each range of numbers. And you can enter your numbers too.
    With this pregnancy, my doubling time was 33 hours early on, and then had gone up to around once my count was over 1000. So it freaked me out because it seemed to be slowing down more quickly than expected, but was within the normal range.

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  5. sewingbutterfly

    Mine was 1175 at almost 5 weeks and my bub is currently wriggling around (although I haven’t had them checked since I used the doppler at 13 weeks).

    The numbers don’t really double after a while and begin to plateau at about 10 weeks or so.

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  6. RJ

    Looks amazing (both the beta and the cupcakes lol). My current pregnancy I had serial betas until 6 weeks I want to forewarn you of something. Once my beta was in the thousands, it did not double within 72 hours and I saw a HB at my first appt (and am still pregnant…knock on wood). Since you’re already in the thousands just beware this could happen to you and everything can be just fine. My RE says that the doubling in 48-72 hours matters more in the early stages.

    Good luck with beta #2.

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    • Nara

      Thank you for letting me know this! I feel like everyone managed my expectations around doubling. Phew! I’ve posted beta 2 – it didn’t double but it did increase which is hopefully okay.


  7. RC

    Great number! At 18dpo (so 4+4) my clinic likes to see above 200. So if you do the halving thing to work backwards, you’re well above that!
    Too bad you’re not on gardening leave but it’s nice to be able to be saying goodbye to your colleagues and winding down a little

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