IVF 2: Beta 2

Quick update from me: I had my second beta this morning and it came back at 6145 – this is a slight increase. 

I put it in the calculator at babyMed (thanks Amy!) and also have read a lot of stuff about how the doubling slows down once it’s in the ‘000s, so I’m strangely okay with it. I mean, the calculator makes it sound like it’s dodgy but I have read a bunch of things to say that it doesn’t have to double every 48 hours when it is in the thousands. Also at 5 weeks 2 days it is a bit late to be doing betas and I just need to hang out for the ultrasound (in two weeks!). 

From a statistical point of view T and I have looked at the figures and at least it’s going in the right direction. Also he was a bit cross with me as he said it was making me more worried – but actually I do feel better than if I hadn’t known anything at all. I am sort of comforted by the fact that it’s still within the normal range even if it’s not doubling every 48 hours or whatever. It’s an indication. 

I guess the main thing now is to wait for the ultrasound. Which seems a long time away. 

One thing I’ve noticed – especially yesterday – is that I’ve been feeling really quite sick / desperately hungry, and tired. I went to meet T and some friends last night for dinner and a show, and I actually had to make us stop at the shop and get something to eat as I was feeling so sick. So either there’s something psychological going on (possible) or I’m having some weird food levels I need to maintain! I really do feel very tired right now as well.

Today on the way back from the blood test I went and bought some clothes. I’m finding it hard to fit into my normal clothes right now so it means a lot to feel comfortable and a tiny bit smart. I’ve been resorting to a few things that work so hopefully I now have a few more things. The boobs are the main problem! And the belly! Feeling very frumpy. But it will all be worth it in the end if it works.



  1. My Perfect Breakdown

    I actually think considering how high the initial test was and considering how far along you are, this is a pretty great beta! And, as thecommonostrich says, it’s awesome that you are staying in the now which is key to keeping your sanity right now. Sending love and hope as always. 🙂

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    • Nara

      Thanks love! Yes I think T thought I would freak out if it didn’t double. But everyone had said on my previous post “Don’t worry if it doesn’t double – it’s already high” so I wasn’t really hanging out for it doubling. We looked up the stats and it’s still in the normal range. And honestly I feel better knowing SOMETHING rather than NOTHING. I think that’s just the way I work!! Thanks as always for your support! Xx

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  2. Arwen

    Definitely going the right direction! Crossing everything for you. I can’t believe they’re making you wait so long for a scan, how am I going to last that long 😜😉 booooo!

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    • Nara

      Hahahaha. Well in a way I am happy as it should be more definitive at 7 weeks. Our last pregnancy it was 6 and a bit, and it was unclear, and then there was all the mix up about whether it was growing or not (it turned out not) and that was awful waiting week to week. So I have a 7 week scan with the NHS and then if that’s okay I have another scan with Dr S in week 8. So hopeful this could be different!

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  3. Amy M.

    You’re welcome! I’d have to go back through my blogs and look, but I think my one beta was 4000 something and the next was I think low 7000s. So definitely not doubling either. I agree, it’s going in the right direction! I thought the clinic would tell you if they thought it was good or not? I feel like you’re doing fine. Hang in there, and hope the next couple weeks go fast!

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    • Nara

      Thanks! They just said “It’s rising” but didn’t say anything specific! Haha. Oh well. I think I should maybe take a break and try not to worry about it for a while. I suppose I could always go back and get another one next week if I wanted to. But T would probably kill me! He thinks I now just need to relax and wait for the scan in June!

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  4. spiteorflight

    I think that’s ok. It does slow way down once you hit 1200+ that’s why they don’t rely on betas after a certain level, and they switch to ultrasound. Hang in there, hopefully you’ll be able to relax a little after your scan!

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  5. Cin and Jay

    I used the same website and when mine started getting that high it wasn’t doubling every 48 hours. I went back through my posts and once it gets closer to 10,000 and above it doubles every 96 hours is what my doctor said. You are doing great! Listen to T and try not to worry and Google. Dr. Google is your worst enemy! Prayers and good thoughts your way!

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  6. Courtney

    Betas mean very little if they’re not done at the right time, being the 4-5 week mark. When we had the empty sac, we knew it was coming because of the beta (not doubling from 75). When we got pregnant with the boys, we knew to expect to see one (or two in Matthews case) because of the betas. But that’s all they told us that early. In your case, with thousands, you just know you’re pregnant! And that’s great! If you worked it backwards from your first beta, I bet you had great doubling times!

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  7. miraclebabyo

    So pleased everything is going well and you’re staying strong. In the next few weeks we can hopefully see our little nuggets and their strong heartbeats, its like living through another 2ww! Yesterday my boobs stopped hurting and I felt nauseous after lunch and dinner. Then again this morning as I was trying to get myself ready, I’m hoping this is a good sign for the future. My clothes are all tight, deciding what to wear that won’t make me look chunky or pregnant (lol, its too early to tell everyone). Looking forward to the day I can wear maternity clothes and announce to the world that I am expecting…one can dream.
    Hoping you have some fun weekend plans xo

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    • Nara

      Yes I am the same!! I’ve had to go out and get some baggier clothes as they are all so tight! Argh! Just out at the theatre now (in the interval) so should have a nice weekend! Hope you do too! Xx


  8. thegriefdiariesblog

    Awesome news Nara! I’m glad you’re aware of how betas can behave at your pregnancy’s age. Sometimes I think there’s too much focus on them doubling as we progress in pregnancy, so the fact yours is rising is great. Enjoy your weekend 😊

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  9. sewingbutterfly

    Hope the time gets super speedy!! We have our next appointment on the 31st May. Rising is all you really need at this stage. My dr didn’t even bother with a second beta level as she said that ultrasound was more reliable (I was 5 weeks at that point).

    Fingers crossed for you!! Hope the next few weeks go quickly. Every sign you have is amazing. Although I will say, I basically had none except fatigue (oh the fatigue!!) And everything is fine so far with our bub. I cannot wait for you guys to have your ultrasound and get some good news!

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  10. RJ

    Going up is great! I personally think you’re on the right track (and doubling time here is in 48-72 hours so you still have time if you were still checking). But remember, it slows down once you’re in the thousands! I’m over the moon excited for you!

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  11. notpregnantinrezza

    I think I read somewhere that doubling was needed every 48-72 hours? But anyway your numbers sound great. Plus the hunger and sickness are a great sign too. Wishing you all the best 😊


  12. tidleone

    Sounds like it’s going really well. It seems like IVF is made up of different sections of waiting – hopefully the next few weeks will hurtle by. Wishing you all the best. X

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  13. thegreatpuddingclubhunt

    Sooo my beta was 2871 at 5w2D so your levels are amazing!! And look where I am today!!! I have lots of strong hopes for your little one!!!

    I’m feeling similar about clothes right now. I actually had to use a hairband to loosen my trousers because I couldn’t do up my skinny jeans anymore 😫 and now I don’t like most of my tops because I bought them to fit my normally flat chest and now I have boobs they look weird!!! So I bought a new maternity tshirt the other day and my friend gave me a maternity extender pack for my trousers and bras! The doc said that now I’m pregnant the bloat from the IVF won’t disappear until my HCG levels start to steady – which could be upto 11 weeks. 😭😭

    I know you have a way to go before you can get truly excited, but with this new protocol I’m so hoping this will be different and this is your time!!! 😊 X

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    • Nara

      Eesh, I’m so excited for you! I hope that we get to “graduate” too! And yeah, my boobs fitting into things is one of the least fun things right now! Still another week and a half till the ultrasound… Argh.


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