Reblog: Jennifer Aniston speaks out about not having kids

For those of us who’ve been subject to daily intrusive questions about our fertility, or lack of reproduction, there’s a really great message from Jennifer Aniston here

(I wrote a blog post about this a while back.)



  1. Dubliner in Deutschland

    I loved what she wrote. She’s spot on. All those articles where people stare at her stomach to try to guess whether she might be pregnant drive me mad! And who knows what she is going through, whether she has been struggling to get and stay pregnant or whether she even wants kids, but it’s her business.


    • Nara

      Me too! It must be so upsetting. Imagine f she’s been going through treatment and so on… Awful. And even if not, the constant speculation must be so wearing!

      Oh and I loved your last blog post btw. I need to figure out how I can comment on your posts as I can’t seem to do so right now. X


      • Dubliner in Deutschland

        Thanks! Sorry you’ve been having so much trouble trying to comment on my blog. Do you have a google account? I normally log in with that to comment on google blogger blogs. There’s a wordpress option too I think but not sure how easy that is to use.


      • Nara

        I think it’s because I mainly read and comment on WordPress app on my iPhone – it doesn’t seem to interface well with Google stuff. I’ll figure it out eventually! Just so you know, I do read all your posts! x


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