Some work fun

As you may know, I recently changed jobs. So far I’m really enjoying my new job aside from a few minor niggles that are hopefully getting ironed out (the guy who works for me!)… But generally it’s been really nice. 

One of the things I thought was really important was to do a team outing. It sounds corny but I think team bonding is really important to help the team work well together and also as a leader I think it is important to show some appreciation for the wider team, the guys on the ground. I have one team member who works directly for me but then a bigger team who effectively work for me on the client (as I own the client relationship), and it was those guys I really wanted to thank. 

So I got special permission from my boss (the big boss!) to take them to a special London landmark for a pretty special night out. I wanted to do something really nice for the team, firstly because most of them are from overseas (living here away from home for months and years at a time) and secondly because we also had some visitors from the leadership team from overseas as well. 

I kept the whole thing a secret right until the last minute. (I like secrets. Think it adds to the anticipation.) And then I took them to the top floor of the client building last night and got them to guess where we were going.

You could see it from the top floor meeting rooms…

The Shard!

The Shard is London’s tallest landmark, a massive glass triangle pointing up to the sky. A shard of glass! It is pretty awesome and a view from the top gives you a 360 of the whole of London.

We went to Hutong which is a Chinese restaurant and we had lots of yummy food… And I made them do team building exercises! Which was funny.

Anyway, I think everyone had a good time…



  1. countyourselfunlucky

    When you say “ironed out”, is there like even the teensiest hint of Dr Evil little finger to mouth and villainous laugh “mwah hah ha ha”? 😉
    (Just kidding!)
    That looks awesome, what a lovely thing to do! x


    • Nara

      Ahhh I hadn’t been there before! Did afternoon tea at Ting before but not Hutong! Thought it was really good and the private room was great fun!


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