Dead legs and other stories (21 weeks)

Yesterday we made it to 21 weeks! Which is kerrazee. I celebrated by going to hospital… Which wasn’t exactly the plan, but I guess who ever gets what they planned for?

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was struck by this awful dead leg thing and it was super horrible. Well the day before yesterday it came back with a vengeance. It started Tuesday afternoon and I just thought maybe I’m tired or it was the high heels or something, but it carried on in both legs and got steadily worse. 

By Tuesday evening I was in agony. I got home and just put my feet up on the sofa and then decided to go to bed early and try and sleep it off. Except I couldn’t sleep. It was horrible. T even gave me a leg massage to help, which did a bit but I don’t think it’s realistic to expect your partner to massage your legs all night!

When I got up yesterday, Wednesday I still had the awful pain. I don’t know how to describe it other than “dead leg”. In both legs. Not numbness so maybe I experience dead legs differently to other people… It’s sort of a strong ache from within, and also feels a bit like your legs are swollen except they’re not. 

Man, it was horrible. I groaned all night and my boys (T and Dog!) slept through it although B did help me out with some of what I imagine were sympathy kicks but were probably “Mum, stop all this and go to sleep!” kicks. Argh. 

Got up yesterday still aching. It actually made me walk slower and everything. It’s a horrible constant pain which makes it hard to think about other things (like poor Dog on his morning walk). 

I had googled pregnancy leg pains the previous night as I lay awake in agony. It said that it might be circulation – the baby pressing on a vein or something, which is why you’re supposed to sleep on your left hand side. Or it might be vitamin deficiency (I think magnesium or potassium) which can be helped by eating bananas. I hate bananas! Or it might be dehydration, which seems super unlikely given the amount of water I usually drink. 

So yesterday morning I got a fruit smoothie including banana on the way to work. I can eat bananas in stuff, but the texture of them makes me bowk. I quite enjoy fruit smoothies though so that wasn’t too bad. I made sure to drink loads of water. It still hurt!

By lunchtime I thought I would ring the community midwives just to check. Also because I need to make an appointment to get my MATB1 form for work – it’s the form to tell them you’re officially pregnant and you can only get it after 20 weeks. They’d told me I would get it at my next appointment at 25 weeks. But my work requires confirmation before then. 

They asked a bunch of questions to confirm it wasn’t deep vein thrombosis. I wasn’t really worried about that as my legs weren’t visibly swollen or red and they were both the same size. They said I should go to the hospital day assessment unit and get checked out. 

I left work quite gladly as I really couldn’t concentrate with the pain. Headed to the hospital. Apparently I’m meant to carry my notes everywhere with me(!) so I had to go home first and get them. I got seem pretty quickly and one of the midwives checked B with a doppler and pronounced him “perfect”. Which was nice. His heartbeat was really easy to hear and a strong 150. She did some other checks too and said she couldn’t think why I would have that pain but it could be the heat. 

Then I had to wait to see a doctor. There was a medical emergency on the ward apparently so it took ages. I didn’t really mind except the hospital chairs are pretty uncomfortable to sit in for a long time, but I thanked my lucky stars it wasn’t my medical emergency and I hope whoever it was is okay. 

The doc eventually came by and did a load of checks. I keep getting asked if I have such and such family history and I keep telling them I don’t because I was adopted. I think they feel bad or something but I don’t really mind… I mean it saves me having to answer those questions at least. But I suppose it’s a bit frustrating not knowing your family medical history. I know some adoptees get really upset by this but it doesn’t really bother me as I’ve never had it. 

He said he thought it may be the heat or it may be the baby’s growth and pressing on a nerve or something. Weirdly I totally thought yesterday that my belly had grown a lot, almost overnight. When I go home yesterday, T even said he couldn’t believe how much it had popped out. Here’s a picture I took yesterday pm…

It’s funny as you can’t really notice it straight on but then when I turn to the side it’s like, OMG!

Anyway the doc said not to worry and to try and keep mobile and take paracetamol as a painkiller. (That’s known as acetaminophen in the US.) So I went home and ate a banana (urgh… Dog helped) and took a couple of pills. 

I also had a prearranged date (girl version) with a girl I used to work with. She had a baby a few months ago and I really wanted to catch up with her, as she lives in my borough and I wanted to get the lowdown on everything. So I took the boat(!) and went to meet her. 

Despite the aching legs I had a really nice time. She was over the moon for me and also I think happy to have someone to talk with about the birth and everything. She ended up having an emergency caesarean but had planned a natural childbirth. Even though it didn’t go totally according to plan she said she was happy with the care she received and once she’d gotten over the disappointment of it not going entirely to plan, she was loving it. 

It was nice to have someone talk about everything in an honest and realistic way! Plus a good old girly catch up. Sadly she’s moving out of the country soon otherwise B could have a girlfriend! 

So anyway, the upshot of it is that the dead legs have sort of calmed down for now. I’m not sure if I am condemned to a half-pregnancy of banana eating. I’ll keep you posted!

Work bump pic…

Here’s Grumpy Cat’s take on it…

As we speak, T has just popped out to the shops at almost 10pm to get some cream for me to put on our sticky toffee pudding. We got the pudding in our meal deal (Waitrose, darling) from our window shopping extravaganza on Sunday, and I couldn’t bear to have it without cream!

I think he’s a keeper. B does too and is kicking to tell me so. And Dog’s looking longingly at dessert… I love my little family!



  1. My Perfect Breakdown

    The dead leg thing sounds just miserable!! And i also despise bananas- it a texture thing for me. I was recebtly told bananas are a great baby food, but i cannot even stomach the idea if buying them for Baby MPB, so he only gets bananas at his grandparents house. 😊
    Also, I think you look fantastic!


    • Nara

      It’s the texture for me too! It really makes me gag! I can just about stomach it because a) the pain was awful and b) Dog just stands there looking at me hopefully and I give him the pieces I don’t want! 😂

      Thanks for the compliment… I feel like a heffalump but trying to embrace it for B!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Amy M.

    Sorry you’re having such leg pains!! It’s no fun having unexplained pains when you’re already dealing with pregnancy stuff. I don’t like bananas either. I also don’t like the texture, but also I can’t stand the noise they make when you chew them!! Blah!! I do love banana bread and banana pudding though. I’m glad B is looking great, and hope your legs settle down soon!


    • Nara

      Haha! For me it is the texture! It’s so gross and mushy! I don’t mind the flavour. I’ve had it in smoothies and it’s fine! But I don’t like banana bread or banana pudding… Anything with brown bananas! Eek!

      My legs still hurt a bit – it’s so weird! I’m hoping it’s a passing phase!


  3. calcandide

    I hate bananas too! Unless they’re mixed into a smoothie and i can’t taste them. But potatoes are also high in potassium so that’s what i eat when i have muscle cramps and need potassium (also it’s a good excuse to eat fries (which i think you call chips))


    • Nara

      Haha yes we call them chips! Funny thing is I don’t really like them although I did have a pash on McDonalds fries in early pregnancy, I think for the salt. Have gone off them completely now. I’ll have to have the bananas – urk!


    • Nara

      Hmm maybe I need to do that. I do have pregnancy multivitamins which I am trying to remember to take! Took them religiously in the beginning. The midwife said I am fine now!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Nara

      Hi Ana! Yes I do wear flats most of the time – just at work in the office I wear heels as I’m really short!! But really don’t walk about in them much. Most of the time I wear TOMS trainers/sneakers!


  4. silentmiscarriageloudthoughts

    Look at that adorable bump!
    That leg pain sounds really unpleasant. I’ve had some leg cramps, so have been eating some banana for that. But peeling a banana was the first thing that got me throwing up this pregnancy, so I definitely know what you mean about them! I’ve been having them in smoothies, or frozen with peanut butter.
    I really recommend the frozen- the texture is completely different and they just taste better. I slice banana into big pieces, and sandwich two pieces together with some peanut and freeze. Really yummy!


    • Nara

      It is pretty awful and I have had a few cramps too! I clearly need to eat more bananas… Ugh! I think your idea sounds fantastic but… I also hate peanut butter! I think it’s because I grew up eating loads of PB and bananas! I hate them now! I was wondering whether I need to eat some peanuts though as I don’t want B to have a peanut allergy. I’m just not a big nut person!


      • silentmiscarriageloudthoughts

        Haha oh no, that won’t work if you hate peanut butter! You probably threw up a little in your mouth reading that.
        Another option is to dip a piece of banana in melted choc before freezing- my mum used to make those for us when we were kids. I think she just cut bananas in half and stuck an iceblock stick in one end before freezing. But you’d probably won’t to cut it into smaller pieces than that to ensure the end doesn’t start defrosting before you’ve eaten it, so you don’t have to deal with that icky banana texture.
        Otherwise maybe just some potassium supplements? And some peanuts!


  5. Maternally Optimistic

    That leg pain sounds awful! I too hate bananas so I feel the pain of you having to force yourself to eat them (apparently I loved them as a child, must have sickened myself with them)

    Baby bump is looking amazing! x


    • Nara

      Haha I grew up having them almost every day. I don’t know why I have developed such an aversion to them but I think it’s the texture. I don’t like the slipperiness and also the fact they get bruised! I have a bunch sitting on my kitchen counter but I don’t have leg pain today so wondering if I should make myself eat one… Eek! X


      • Maternally Optimistic

        Yeah the bruising freaks me out!
        Yeah I would be so tempted not to have one at all if the pain isn’t there but then you think maybe if you just eat a bit every day then the pain won’t come back. Maybe just a bit and give Dog the rest lol x


      • Nara

        Good plan! He’s currently sitting and looking longingly at the oven where my croissants are baking (Friday WFH FTW!) so I’m sure a bit of banana wouldn’t go amiss! 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Maternally Optimistic

        I am with you there. I will probably regret all the rubbish I am eating when I have all the weight to lose after the baby is here but for now I am enjoying eating what I feel like and the sugary joys of full fat fizzy juice (my guily pleasure just now is a can of full fat irn bru which is normally reserved for the days I have a horrendous hangover, been a while since I have had one of those though) x


  6. Recurrently Unlucky

    These leg pains sound horrible! I hope they figure something soon. Your bump, on the other hand, just looks adorable!
    If you don’t like banana, you could try supplementing with magnesium citrate. But a crêpe with banana and melted chocolate on top is delicious! You could give it a try!


  7. dreamseggsandsperm

    You look absolutely beautiful!! But hey, you should get an award for being able to wear those high heals and still walking around with your baby bump! Haha, I wouldn’t even make it without a bump! 😀
    Hope you soon feel better to with your legs! It is really horribly. i had sharp pain in my thigh and lower part of my back in the end of both pregnancies. Not fun at all. But I think the only thing you can do is to listen to your body and try to do as much (or as little) as you can, whatever makes you feel a bit better or at least makes you function. 21 weeks though! THAT is GREAT!!!!


  8. Courtney

    I never had leg problems, so I can’t relate. My problem was horrendous heartburn from 4 months on, and there’s a pill for that. Ha!

    I took my bump photos in the work bathroom too!


  9. EmilyMaine

    The dead legs sound awful. I hope it eases for you. Being in pain is not fun. Ugh. I hope bump moves at some point and it relieves whatever he is sitting on that is causing this. Your bump looks so cute! Row baby, grow!


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