Eek, we are grown ups!

Today we picked up our new car. We’d been meaning to get one for a while but the imminent arrival of baby B encouraged us (as we need some way to get him home from the hospital and somewhere to store the pushchair, rather than carrying it up 8 flights of stairs every time!). And of course we want to be able to take Dog on some trips too. He is used to this car as we usually get it when we hire one, so he’s given it his seal of approval.

We decided on a Nissan Qashquai in gun metal grey. When we arrived at the garage, we were instantly like OMG it’s huge!! But it’s awesome. 

So shiny!!

The funniest thing is that I left the spec up to T, so we ended up with the highest spec one, which means as we travel home I currently have a nice warm backside as we have heated seats! So funny. 

It also has some handy bits in case I ever decide to drive it. Like parking assist… Cameras (which is super cool) but also an automatic parking thing where it will steer you into the space! Ha. We think we may try this in a clear car park first!

Also, perhaps in a cynical attempt to get us to give them good ratings in the post sales survey*, they furnished me with a bunch of flowers…

(*It totally worked.)

Before we headed home, we went to a furniture place so we could check out a sofa we were thinking of getting. 

Like, how grown up are we?

The sofa we want is a mini one because our flat is quite small! It is like a chesterfield but it’s smaller, so two people can sit on it but quite close together. It’s called The Snuggler. How cute is that?

So now we’re on our way home. We feel very grown up!



  1. circumstance227

    I wish I could congratulate you, but I have no appreciation of cars whatsoever. My criteria consist of three points: 1) It should always start. 2) It should be small enough to fit into the tiny university parking slots. 3) It should not guzzle gas.
    That being said . . . “Nice car!!!” and “Welcome to adulthood (I think)!”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nara

      Haha! Yes I’m not very car-ish either! But I do like The Beast because it’s really comfy (bum-warming!) and nice to be a passenger in. T won’t let me drive it yet! We are just excited to be able to go and do a proper sized shop for once!


  2. lyart

    ha, welcome to adulthodd! I have a friend, who drove a Qashquai for years and he loved it. As to The Snuggler: with age you’ll come to appreciate longer seats, where two can actually stretch out on comfortably. Designed for the purpose of passing out after dinner in front of the tv. but this will be after adulthood, on the brink of old age… πŸ˜‰


    • Nara

      Great to know! I love it so far. I mean I’m not mega into cars but I do really like this one. I like being a bit higher up and having a nice view! And a warm bum! πŸ˜‚

      Yeah with the snuggler we are also going to get an armchair so I think we will usually be one person in each! Right now we have two sofas but our flat is too small to enjoy having them both – they take up the entire lounge! So I think the sofa / armchair (and pouffe!) combo will work best!


  3. thegreatpuddingclubhunt

    Hahaha we also bought a new bigger car, the Nissan Rogue…which is a based on the UK qashqai πŸ˜‚ chris chose it- I call it the grandad mobile because it is a Nissan after all (actually the newer models are pretty good looking) 😝 we are soooo totally grown up 😊 these babies have no idea how much they are loved already!


    • Nara

      That’s brilliant! I think the Nissans are awesome! We had them a bunch of times when we rented cars and we loved them. Never had the heated bum though (I mean, had I known about that it would have been a deal breaker!). You’re right, our babies are totally loved! How many weeks are you now? I’m 32 tomorrow and I have it in my head you’re 2-3 weeks ahead? Crazy to think it’s not that long now!


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