Happy turkey day

Sneaking into NaBloPoMo today with a bit of long overdue baking. I haven’t really made anything much since we moved to our new place, but T works for an American firm where they do pot luck. (We don’t really do this in the UK – the only time I’ve ever experienced it was when I was on a work trip to the US for thanksgiving. I loved it for the food and friendship side and not so much the problematic history.) T outsourced his contribution last year to me, and I’m kind of competitive when it comes to baking, so apparently the turkey cake caused a stir.

This year, despite having not much time and being quite a lot pregnant, T’s coworkers were asking what he was bringing (what I was baking and whether it would be as good as the turkey cake). He said don’t worry about it, but that’s like a red rag to a bull as far as I’m concerned.

Here’s tonight’s efforts… Enjoy! (Everything is piped out of vanilla buttercream onto vanilla cupcakes.)

Hopefully they’ll like them!


    • Nara

      Ha! I do have a slight side hobby and occasionally get commissions. But it’s more of a hobby than a business as it has to be fitted in between working! And sadly unless it’s a wedding cake / big cake, you can’t make much money out of it!


  1. circumstance227

    I still remember last year’s cake pictures and how the cutting of the cake was a bit gruesome looking. :)! This year I picture a similar but more individual savagery. Do we slowly de-plume the bird around the edges first, leaving only a wormy thing to finish off, or do we go for full out decapitation on the first bite? Personally, I am for pardoning the whole lot no matter how delicious they surely are.


    • Nara

      Ah, sorry you don’t get thanksgiving. I know a lot of people have an issue with it because of the history… I like the concept as a secular holiday (like Christmas!) but I haven’t grown up with it. We don’t really have it in England unless you’re American!


      • notabroodychick

        Usually we have a family and/or friends get together, although often on the weekend after thanksgiving, but not this year. I had homemade pumpkin soup for lunch yesterday though, and we had a nice wine and chocolate cake at dinner, since it was thanksgiving πŸ˜‰

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