Not much of an excuse, but today I spent 5.5hrs straight at a conference and I’m tired. I’m also almost 33 weeks pregnant and realising that things are changing in the way of I really don’t feel as sprightly as I used to! I don’t feel ill in myself, but I just feel like I’m lugging about a lot of weight/bulk and (for probably not the first time) I feel like staying at home and lying on the sofa rather than dragging myself out!

Also it seems like Winter’s well and truly hit today – we finally reached 0Ā°C (which is freezing point of water – for those of you who measure in Farenheit!) and it’s absolutely chilling! I got home this eve and took Dog out for his walk and even he didn’t seem that keen! (He has the most gorgeous little coat that makes him look adorable but he dislikes putting on!)

Anyway, here’s the view from the conference… Pretty cool!

This morning I had my doctor’s appointment and also saw my amazing midwife who came to speak to the doc with me. They said that B was measuring big, but consistently big, as expected with the GD, but nothing to worry about right now. Also I’ve been doing a pretty good job managing the GD so far (although I have an appointment with the diabetes nurse on Thursday so we’ll see what they think) – I only went over the recommended limits a few times, which for my first couple of weeks monitoring isn’t too bad. You have to try different foods and see what affects your blood sugar. For example, they recommended no sugar Alpen (muesli) for breakfast but that just sent my blood sugar up and up. Whereas full fat greek yoghurt with a bit of (sugar!) cereal added keeps it low. Go figure.

So the conference was all about women and technology and how awesome they are (which I knew already!). It was pretty good, and any other time I would have been super into it. But now I think I’ve just reached a stage of tiredness (even with iron tablets!) where I need more rest! In fact my pregnancy apps / emails have suggested at this stage I should be considering having catnaps during the day and swimming for relaxation… It’s a bit annoying but I think they just assume that all pregnant women don’t work. Or that they’ve given up by now!

The mat leave thing is interesting… I really never knew that people went off on maternity before the baby was born. I kind of figured they might just work until the due date or the baby arrived. I suppose I’ve not paid much attention to it. So far I’ve planned to leave a week before my due date (39 weeks) but I am thinking I should have left when I leave for Christmas, which will be around 36 weeks! But I don’t have paid maternity leave so I’ll have to try and maximise the planned leave of 4 months, and it makes sense for B actually to be here rather than me just lazing around! So I think I’ll just work from home in January! 

I can’t imagine going on the tube / public transport at that stage. Even tonight I didn’t get a seat (despite wearing the Baby on Board badge) even though I’ve got a massive bump and the train was really crowded. I got one after a stop or two had gone by but it did mean standing for a while on a very crowded train, which makes you feel kind of vulnerable. Fortunately I think people understand when I say I want to leave on time / early, but I don’t think I really understood before how tiring growing a human is. I certainly don’t take it for granted as I never thought I would be able to do it. I’m just super tired right now!

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  1. Ohhh beautiful London!!! What a gorgeous day! I’m homesick now šŸ˜

    It’s My last week at work before maternity leave and at 35 weeks I have been struggling to be comfortable there. I have had a hot water bottle on my back and the length of my working days have been the absolute minimum so far because I’m so tired and have to drive home safely! I think your idea of working from home is a really good one, you can be a bit more comfortable there and take a snooze rather than fighting for a seat on TFL…I’m sure you will be far more effective doing work from home than being physically at the office.

    Hang in there!!!! šŸ˜Š


    1. Nara says:

      Ahhh! It was a really lovely day but it has suddenly gone freezing! -2Ā°C this am!
      Ooh 35 weeks!! That must be tiring! I guess I’ll be in work till 36… This week with appointments and things I’m only in today, thankfully. I have various clinics and they’re all different days! I’m commuting by boat this morning which is nice, but have to take tube later which I’m not looking forward to! (Out of town appointment.) I definitely have more sympathy with pregnant women now! Hope you are enjoying your final week! Eeeek exciting! šŸ˜Š x


  2. Yeah I can imagine it must start to feel more uncomfortable towards the end of the pregnancy. Shame about your maternity leave but at least you have the option to work from home which is much better than having to get the train and you’ll be able to sit around wearing something comfortable! Also, yay for women in technology!!


  3. tidleone says:

    I can’t even imagine getting on a crowded train or worse still having to stand. It freaks me out when the corridors are busy at school and I end up standing in a doorway, hoping I won’t get knocked. I can’t believe that people don’t automatically give you a seat.
    It completely exhausting growing a human or two in my case – I’m sure no one warns you about just how tired it actually makes you feel.


    1. Nara says:

      It’s a shocker I can tell you! Yeah I do get a bit worried on crowded trains but I can quite often get a seat… eventually!

      Luckily this week I have a few appointments so I will be wfh for the rest of the week – phew! Hope you are okay and not too puffed out! Xx


  4. anawnimiss says:

    I know how temping it is to take time off before the baby is born, but trust me – you’re going to need every single day you can get after B comes along. Is it possible to work from home for a while? That way you can save all your ML for later!


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