NaBloPoMo roundup


Well, I did it! This is my final post for NaBloPoMo, the blogging challenge for November. I can’t quite imagine how, but I’ve managed to bore you post every single day in November. Wowsers! (Now I can go back to the usual blogging-every-few-days thing and stop the 11pm panic setting in…)

Things I blogged about in November:

Whether I should tell my ex that I’m pregnant (my most popular post in November) – answer: I haven’t as of yet, and have no immediate plans, though I’m pretty sure it’ll come up

How not to react when someone congratulates you on being pregnant – about pregnancy after loss and the emotional implications (second most popular post)

Going to my friends’ (gay) wedding – a beautiful Scottish weekend and how #loveislove as far as I’m concerned

Different kinds of love – how people react to a gay wedding, and a small story about my dad, and an ode to girlfriends

DNA testing for adoptees and my experience of getting my head round it, and a bit on adoption in general, because that’s partly what my blog is about

How I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes (ugh) and dealing with it

Being pregnant (quite a lot of what my blog is about right now) and thinking of other people going through infertility and IVF

A very shocking turn of events at my baby shower and how two people’s hearts stopped within 24 hours

Some stuff on the US election (it’s just too depressing)

Some cakes!

And a bunch of other stuff. Because I really did manage to do it every day (UK time, anyway!).


One of the bittersweet things I notice from the stats is that my all time most popular post (other than the homepage) is from June 1 last year. Entitled “Day 53: Not so Clearblue”, it was my first ever experience of a positive pregnancy test. I was so happy that day!

One year on and quite a lot wiser (though still fairly headstrong and stupid), I know that a positive pregnancy test is only the first step. That pregnancy – my first ever pregnancy in all my 30-something (closer to 40) years, ended in a physically and emotionally painful miscarriage. This time last year I was holding a deep sadness in my heart, rather than a baby. In February this year, my first baby’s due date, I really thought my heart was breaking.

This November, I feel a lot different. Reading those posts, I want to give 2015 Me a hug. And tell her it will be alright (so far). Today I am 33 weeks pregnant with a little fat guy who’s currently taking up residence in my uterus. B (for Baby – I couldn’t bring myself to give him a cutesy nickname like our last one had) is due mid January 2017 and with each passing day I feel like he’s more and more likely to make it.

(The little bugger keeps kicking my innards and bouncing on my bladder, anyway.)

I’m thinking of 2015 Me and Last November Me and all the Mes who’ve been and gone and are still partly here. The bruised Mes, the hurt Mes and the Me who’s still here in November 2016, who never quite believed and yet is still somehow still going. And all the Not-Mes too who are going through their own hardships – the pain of infertility, the complex feelings around adoption, and all the other things we find hard to put into words.

A year ago I already knew you, my blogfriends, and I knew how much you’d saved me. I don’t know if you do. Blogging gave me an outlet to try and put those feelings and experiences into words, and to understand I wasn’t alone.

So, thank you to BlogHer for the blogging challenge – but moreso, thank you to all my blogfriends for being awesome.

You mean the world.


NaBloPoMo November 2016

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Marixsa says:

    I think you wrapped up the whole namopo-thingamajiggy very nicely! 30 days of straight blogging sounds pretty intense. And for the record—you weren’t boring at all! I looked forward to reading your daily musings. 🙂


  2. pinksnow78 says:

    Love this! X


  3. hazzeltoz says:

    Yay, I’m so proud of us! And I’m so glad to have found your blog through the blogging challenge.


  4. EmilyMaine says:

    You are so lovely. Congrats on making 30 days of blogging!! I did that sort of thing with my past blog and it is hard work so big thumbs up to you!


  5. This is so sweet. First, congrats at completing the challenge! I love how you look back with care at yourself…how you want to give your 2015 Me a hug. Maybe I should do some therapeutic meditating and do the same for myself over the last four years! I think that is so darling and beautiful. Good for you. That is how we should all be. I am so happy you are where you are and are about to experience this ginormous love of baby. Every day I am pinching myself, and I know you will be just as over the moon. Xx


  6. I still don’t know what “NaBloPoMo” actually stands for (though I get that you had to post every day) and I missed a lot because it coincided with my involuntary blog breaks of late . . . but I can say that you are going out with a bang with this post. A really nice read. I am so happy that I’ve been able to follow your story and look forward to hearing how things go on from here.


  7. Well done for completing the NaBloPoMo challenge! I really love the blogging community too, it really is such a supportive group of people. I’ve changed some setting on my blog by the way which may or may not make it easier for wordpress users to comment! Maybe you could let me know if has made a difference x


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