It never rains…

So a quick update because you can’t even imagine what has happened in the past 24 hours. Thank you to everyone who sent get well wishes for B. He does seem slightly better. 

Story update (cut and pasted so you know some of this!)

After much faffing (GP to make an appointment then the actual appointment then told to go to A&E then referred to paediatrics) we got admitted to hospital last night for observations so have been in overnight. 

They think he’s okay – suspected bronchiolitis – it’s just because he had a lot of snorting and snuffling and he’s only three weeks old. 

Anyway as luck (or not!) would have it, we were evacuated from the ward about 07:45 due to a fire! Which is nuts. We were inside in another place but as you can imagine it was kind of chaotic. The staff were amazing. They all pulled together and spent the whole time trying to reassure us. Imagine how scary it must be evacuating a ward full of babies, let alone the older kids. 

I felt sorry for other people as they had sicker kids and B was just in for observation and did seem better overnight because they sucked out his snot using a machine! He really didn’t enjoy it but it seemed to settle him quickly. I need to get one of the mouth sucking snot suckers as apparently they’re the best. The things you do for your baby!

Apparently bronchiolitis goes away on its own and they don’t treat it in newborns unless they need oxygen – he doesn’t at the moment as he can breathe but is just snuffly. We were discharged and the more serious cases have been transferred to another local hospital. 

Then I went to the midwife unit to get my scar checked out as I got given antibiotics on Sunday and they told me to come back today. I got referred to the doctor as it’s worse than it was. She confirmed it is a bit worse and apparently I also have another urinary tract infection so I now have two lots of antibiotics and two lots of painkillers! Argh. I had a few UTIs during pregnancy and never really noticed them but it was worrying for the baby.  

We are just waiting on the prescription and can then go home and rest. Luckily B is just sleeping after being awake early this morning! Unfortunately it’s the hospital pharmacy which has a 1.5hr wait and we finally got to the front of the queue to be told they don’t stock that drug so they’re trying to get in touch with the doctor. Bearing in mind there’s been a fire in this hospital so they’re all a bit overstaffed. For certain meds you have to get them from the hospital pharmacy so can’t go somewhere else to get them. So we are stuck waiting… I last left the house yesterday. I want to get home and relax and feed B and snuggle with Dog! And poor T has to get to work having missed half the work day already. 

Agh, another update: They don’t stock breastfeeding safe antibiotics for what I need so I now have a note to take to the GP… who typically has a 3 day wait time for prescriptions. They have written urgent at least… agh. So we are on way home and then I have to go and ask the GP! 

It never rains but it pours! 

(Don’t get me wrong. I am massively grateful to the NHS for everything. And the fire and B’s sickness… Everything could have been so much worse.)

Kind of can’t believe B is having such drama and he’s only 25 days old!



    • Nara

      Yeah it was an actual fire!! On the ward I was on! Didn’t see it as we were in a side room.

      We got the Snufflebabe which seems similar to Nose Frida! Could only get that one on Amazon and I wanted something on the day. If we end up using it a lot I might try the other one, but have avoided it so far!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Nara

      Thank you! Yes we got the Snufflebabe which seems similar – I got it in the local shop as I didn’t want to wait. Hopefully won’t have to use it but good knowing it’s there!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. MrsD

    Glad B is feeling better, but all the running around sounds like such a hassle!
    Definitely get the Nose Frida! They’re disgusting and babies hate them, but they WORK!


    • Nara

      Thank you! Yeah it sounds unanimous for Nose Frida! I’ll have to order one if we end up using the Snufflebabe a lot. Haven’t braved it yet!


  2. Marixsa

    Whoa… glad everyone is good! Well, mostly good, right? Pouring, indeed!

    And I totally lol-ed at “mouth sucking snot suckers.” I love your expressions, made my day. 🙂


  3. pinksnow78

    What a crazy 24 hours. You have my full sympathy. F had bronchiolitis before Christmas and it was awful. Must have been terrifying with a 3week old baby. Hugs x


  4. RC

    I’ve just read this and your next-to-last post. You poor things!
    How much can you fit into a day or two? Hopefully everything calms down and you are both on the mend. Get well soon, you two!


  5. EmilyMaine

    Crazy!!! Now rest rest rest if you possibly can. I know you can feel like you are ok pretty soon after a c-section but honestly if you overdo it your body will have trouble doing all that nice healing from within. Eat lots of boring healthy stuff and chill with gorgeous B. Now is the time for some Netflix! Hehe Glad everyone is ok. Flipping crazy about the fire 🔥


  6. Jein

    Wow… that’s a lot for a 25 day old baby and mother…! But glad to hear B is getting better!

    Oh, and I can highly recommend Nose Frida snot sucker! 😉 In the beginning my son was not a fan, but lately he’s not really fighting it any more. My husband still finds it extremely gross to use, but I don’t really mind. I’m not thinking anything else than it is helping the little one!


    • Nara

      Haha thanks! We’ve become rather more acquainted with the Snufflebabe (similar to Nose Frida) than we wanted to be! Saline does seem to help though. Poor little thing!


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