Bad things come in threes!

This is something my usually not superstitious dad always says. Bad things come in threes. So after B’s hospitalisation with bronchiolitis and the subsequent fire at the hospital, I should have expected something more. (Assuming my infected caesarean scar didn’t count, gah!)

So on Friday I woke up feeling ill. Really ill. The kind of moaning crying kind of ill. I’m hardly ever ill and definitely not motivated to be ill on Friday as we’d already had a rough week with the hospitalisation and I was due to catch up with some friends which I was really looking forward to but… I was ill. 

First sign was feeling sick. I do not cope well with nausea. I’m hardly ever sick. Like I have to be super ill to be sick. 

Then came the stomach pain. And diarrhoea. And fever. 


It was awful. 

I lost count of how many times I dragged myself out of my sickbed to the toilet, to have awful diarrhoea (sorry, TMI) and back to bed to moan and cry with pain. I also probably sweated buckets whilst also feeling cold or too hot intermittently. Miserable!

Luckily T was able to stay home from work as I seriously don’t know what I would have done. It was so scary. I thought I wouldn’t be able to feed B but I just managed. T even helped me to express one bottle so he could feed B. (I am so not looking forward to expressing when I go back to work. It’s not fun.) He brought me water and paracetamol but I gave up the antibiotics as I could barely stomach anything, even water. 

T changed B and looked after me and walked Dog. I seriously don’t know how single mothers cope. I felt like I was dying. I didn’t get out of bed for two days and nights other than to go to the bathroom because I couldn’t. I don’t think I could have kept up breastfeeding if T hadn’t been on hand to help place B by me in bed. I felt so listless I could barely move or even sit up in bed. 

Also, B was still ill with bronchiolitis too. So was struggling to feed. He can’t breathe very well. So it was all in all miserable. Luckily it was the weekend otherwise T would have had to have three days off work instead of just one. 

I’ve no idea what the illness I had was. Either diarrhoea, food poisoning, norovirus or something else. We’d had a dominos pizza the night before (as it was national pizza day and prior to pregnancy I loved pizza) so I wonder if it was that. But T was fine and he has a sensitive stomach! And also I wondered whether it was all the time we’ve spent in hospital lately. Who knows. It was awful either way. 

Today is the first day I’ve felt vaguely human. Day 3. So glad it seems to have passed. Although it means I have to restart the antibiotics for my wound and the UTI (yay). Hoping they clear up. B is slowly getting better but still really snotty. My research showed the best thing for him whilst ill (and me also ill) was to continue to breastfeed so I’m relieved I managed to continue that. 

B is definitely out of sorts and wanting to nurse pretty much constantly and fussing if he’s not on me. I don’t know if that’s just because he’s sick or because I was sick or something, or a growth spurt. It’s definitely more often than the 8-12 times a day that’s apparently normal! He’s more like 20! But he seems to be growing well so hopefully he’s okay. 

Today I felt slightly better in the morning so T brought me a bagel in bed. (He asked me what I felt like eating and I said a sesame bagel toasted with butter so that’s exactly what I got. Man is a saint!) I also decided I could crack open the gigantic box of Guylian chocolates our friends had got us before Christmas as they might give me some energy (and I love chocolate). That made me feel a bit better so I had another bagel in bed for lunch and finally had a shower this afternoon (healing!) and even came downstairs for dinner. So hopefully this sickness is over!

Anyway, so that’s the latest. I really hope that’s the last bit of bad stuff for a while! I’m just grateful that little B seems to be getting better. 


  1. Dani

    Eughhhh you poor thing, that really really sucks 😔 you did amazingly to keep breastfeeding through all the sickiness. When you think about it, the human body is quite incredible to keep up your milk production despite you being sick.
    Wishing you all the on the path of recovery


    • Dani

      I wrote this when I was a little sleepy last night and I’m not sure I finished writing – haha!!!! I wanted to say that T is awesome, it can’t have been easy for any of you. But you survived as a family – bad luck does come in threes, so now the only way is up!!! Chocolate is absolutely a good way to start that 😜


  2. sewingbutterfly

    Hope you both continue to get better! Sounds like T is a keeper 😉 my hubby had to do the same for me when I had really bad mastitis, I forgot how awful fever makes you feel! He had 2 days of changes and bringing bub to me to feed (although after mastitis my supply vanished and we now formula feed). It was kind of a good thing in some ways as my husband is now really confident in himself and his ability to care for bub on his own etc.

    Hope this is the last challenge for a while for you!!


  3. tidleone

    That’s really rubbish. I hope you all start feeling well soon. Wishing you all a speedy recovery. Well done T for being amazing and for giving you fantastic support. Xx


  4. EmilyMaine

    Oh you poor thing. So wonderful you had T around to help. Being sick when you have a baby is about the hardest thing ever. My boy used to do the feed all day thing. Might be a growth spurt. This is when the tiredness kinda kicks in as you are just feeding feeding all day long and waking half the night and it’s the cumulative effect that hits you. Rest as much as you can and hang in there. May the sickness juju now pass you by!!


  5. Amy M.

    I’m so sorry you’ve been sick!!! I hope by now you’re feeling much better, and that your infection is better as well. You need to catch a break!!


  6. ourgreatestdesire

    Oh wow! J had that a couple weeks ago. Diarrhea and exhaustion. His only last 36 hours though. I’m glad you’re starting to feel more human and happy that T was able to be home to help take care of you and B!


  7. Arwen

    Ugh sounds awful!! Being ill while having to parent is so unbelievably difficult! I have SO MUCH respect for single parents.
    Sounds like a growth spurt/leap (have you got the Wonder Weeks app?) am sure there’s one around his age. I was pretty skeptical of the WW theory at first but it is freakily accurate with J so by her 5th leap I totally believed.


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