The Big Scream

Beauty and the Beast live action is finally out in the UK and we went to see it. Hurray! It is my favourite Disney film and I’ve seen the cartoon like a million times. 

We went to baby cinema which is called The Big Scream. Once a week they show a baby friendly film and you can take your baby along and not worry if he/she cries. Now, we have unlimited cards for the local cinema and I’ve taken B twice to the local showings but T was keen to try it and I thought, Why not?

So… Let’s just say The Big Scream involved a lot of screaming! 

OMG. So in a way it’s good because you really don’t worry about your baby screaming. They all do. Usually quiet B did too! The last two films we went to see in our normal cinema, he slept through. (Lion and Hidden Figures.) This one he decided to get a bit annoyed and cry, even though he had boobs available and was being fed! Poor B – not sure he enjoyed Beauty and the Beast that much!

Would I go back? Personally I’m not in a rush. T says he would when he’s on his own with B. I’d rather just sit in a nice dark mostly empty cinema in a normal morning screening that hardly anyone goes to. (I also prefer complete darkness but they had the lights partially on for the babies.) I find other parents kind of annoying too! I was on the end of a row at the back and people kept standing next to me with screaming babies! I figure it’s easier to cope with one baby and take him out if he starts crying. 

It’s not all bad though. You definitely do relax. And it’s good because you really don’t worry about anything – if your baby cries, it doesn’t matter. You can get up and rock them. You can feed them. You can do whatever. So it’s easy that way. 

My long awaited viewing of Beauty and the Beast was… entertaining, but as expected, not a patch on the original. I thought that Emma Watson was well cast – I usually don’t like her particularly but she was suited to the role of Belle… She is very pretty and has the kind of innocent look about her. And for a peasant she sure does have a nice line in dresses. 

It’s an all star cast. I thought it particularly amusing how Cogsworth (the clock) even looked like Sir Ian McKellen! The weirdest thing was The Beast. He’s the guy out of Legion, a series we are watching… It is really good but very odd and couldn’t be more different than Beauty and the Beast! I really couldn’t change my view of him as a mental patient, so that was a bit funny!

The biggest thing I missed was – minor spoiler alert for immense fans – skip to next paragraph – the song Beauty and the Beast (Tale As Old As Time). They did it, but for me (superfan) the best part is that song (as well as Be Our Guest and Something There) and it just didn’t have the same emotional resonance, especially where the camera pans up through the chandelier at “as the sun will rise”, which is the bit where I usually gasp and feel emotional. 

In general, I think the entire film had too many fillers in the form of back stories and justifications, when really it’s based on a cartoon that works perfectly well without them. And that cartoon was a very good cartoon which was almost perfect so didn’t really need improving on. Also I may have been distracted by babies screaming!

After that excitement, we had to go for my favourite meal of the day… breakfast! I can eat breakfast at any time of day! I actually think maternity leave should be renamed breakfast leave… 

Note the rosé and the hot chocolate! We know how to live!



  1. Dani

    Mmmm pancakes and bacon!!!! I’ve definitely been eating out for breakfast a lot more since Aviana’s arrival – but that’s because we have been up so early!

    I’d love to try the big scream…I think they did it at my local cinema for a few months, then realised parents didn’t enjoy it more than once . I was thinking – wouldn’t it be a good idea for parents to be able to plug their headphones in??!! Then all the babies can scream together and the parents can be in ignorant bliss!! 😝

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nara

      Ha! Well lots of people love The Big Scream and go every week! The cinema was quite full but people with kids take up a lot of space so I suppose it was maybe half full! But that’s more than they probably usually get at 10:30 in the morning!
      Your headphone idea is awesome. I can imagine it would be completely horrific for anyone without headphones though! 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. RJ

    That’s pretty cool they have a theater you can take babies to. I wish we had something like that as it’s hard to get out of the house sometimes when you’re a bit stir-crazy. We tried to go to a going away party at a brewery that serves food last night and no babies or kids allowed. It was so frustrating!


    • Nara

      Yeah, it’s quite child friendly around here. I could definitely do at least one organised activity a day if I felt so inclined! There’s really tonnes to do if you are a SAHM… I actually took him to a local brewery that also serves pizza the other night. They let kids in until 22:00! He just slept in the sling whilst we ate pizza!

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