Sibling rivalry

We’ve been rubbing along just fine and we thought that Dog (formerly King of the Castle) was getting used to baby B (Prince of Screaming). Although Dog now gets less attention from me, I always try and give him special cuddle time, and T is probably spending more time with him as he is off on leave, so takes him for longer walks than if we were at work. So we thought we were doing okay in making him feel secure. 

However we got home this evening to find that Dog had weed all over B’s cot… mainly in his Cosy Dream (the cheaper version of the Sleepyhead – a sleep nest) plus over his sheets and the assorted muslins that live there.

Into the wash they went! Fortunately I have tonnes of sheets for the cot, plus a waterproof mattress protector. But still I wasn’t impressed! Took Dog to show him and tell him not to go in the cot. It’s my fault really as I didn’t put the side up again. It’s a side sleeper and Dog sleeps on the bed during the day if we’re out. I always shoo him away from the cot though. The temptation must’ve been too great. 

I guess they aren’t such friendly siblings after all… Agh. 


  1. Amy M.

    Either that, or he DOES like him and is marking him as his territory. Of course it could be he doesn’t like him and is saying he wants that space just for himself lol. Who knows how their brains work!! Either way, I hope he doesn’t do it again!

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  2. Surviving Infertility

    Oh my! Sorry about this. Dog going on babys bed is one of my fears. We have a dock a tot and I pick it up everytime he isnt in it & put it in the pack and play. I have been more lax about it lately but your post has reminded me not to be!


  3. tidleone

    Oh dear. We’re having some fun and games with our dog. He’s very friendly with the babies but he keeps eyeing up their poddle pods. If I leave one on the floor for more than a minute I find him snuggled up in it or I find him stashing chew sticks and biscuits in it! He must think it looks like the most amazing and comfy basket and he’s particularly narky when I shoo him off it! He also has his eye on their squeezy toys but we’re working on clicking him away when the babies are having play time.


  4. My Perfect Breakdown

    Oh this is too bad. I like Amy’s though that maybe it’s actually about marking his territory now that B is part of the family. But who really knows! Just hopefully dog doesn’t do it again.


  5. circumstance227

    I say let Dog lie on the cot too when it is not being used – if he still wants to, that is. Let him sniff the baby and lick his feet. Germs schmerms. If you start getting nervous, Dog will sense it. Bring the two together in close proximity as much as you can. As soon as Baby starts dropping food on the floor during meals, they will be best friends.


    • Nara

      I’m fine with germs. I let Dog kiss me on the mouth! 😂 I do draw the line at urinating on baby’s bed though! Looking forward to the best friends stage !

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      • circumstance227

        I totally understand the “not letting Dog urinate thing” – I suggested this because dogs don’t usually pee where they eat or sleep. Somehow you have to get Dog from marking Baby’s bed as HIS territory to him recognizing Baby as part of the pack – and then subordinating himself to Baby . . . He will not accept Baby into the pack if he thinks it is pushing him out. That was my point.
        I don’t mean to sound like some kind of an expert. (Remember our old “well-meaning advice theme?) I just know you have enough love for both Dog and Baby – you will figure it out and Dog will too.


      • Nara

        Oh yes, I wasn’t disagreeing with you! I think tone doesn’t come across properly on here. Also… Dog’s a bit of an idiot as he does wee where he sleeps, sometimes! He’s a bit of a funny one!
        Hopefully he doesn’t feel like B is pushing him out. We always have one each so they both have attention! And when B goes to sleep I always grab Dog for a cuddle. He spends a lot of time with T now so I hope he is getting used to everything!
        Totally fine with your advice – as always I’m happy to hear your experience!


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