Chasing dreams

When we moved into our current place last year, I always said we would never move again. Moving is so horrific (apparently up there with divorce and having a child as the biggest stressors in life – though not sure how having a child is as stressful as divorce!) and I love our home. It’s just that it is really really small (“bijou”!) and is probably the least practical place you’d think of if you had a baby… the eight flights of stairs being one reason! But still. We’d never need to move. 

Unless… the flat of our dreams came on the market. 

In fact there are four flats technically that would fulfil our “dream flat” status. The reason being that they have outside space. We are in a large development with lots of flats and some town houses (completely unaffordable!) And our group of buildings is in a gated area within that. In that group of buildings there are four which have some outside terraces and we have always looked at them and dreamed about having a little terrace for Dog and B to play on. 

Also the layout of our current flat is long and thin, meaning B will have to do most of his running around outside. (There is plenty of outside space in the development. Just not private space.) And the spare room is currently now a dressing room so B is rooming with us. Now that’s fine and we bought our flat knowing that, but obviously it would be the dream for him to have outside space and his own decent sized bedroom. 

The flat of our dreams came on the market this morning. Eeeeeeeek. We have booked a viewing for Saturday. It already has one viewing before us on the Saturday – it’s the first day they’re doing viewings. 

We could just about afford it, although it is quite a lot more than our current flat. 

Part of me thinks WE NEED TO BUY THAT FLAT! And part of me thinks we have had way too much good luck lately. There’s no way we could have more good luck. 

It’s probably a pipe dream, but one can dream…



  1. Dubliner in Deutschland

    ooh, that sounds really good! I hope the viewing goes well and that there aren’t too many other people who’ll make offers on the flat! Moving is stressful few months for sure, but it’s not *that* bad, totally doable. Best of luck! x


    • Nara

      Thanks! I think it might be a stretch for us financially, but we shall see. I’m half hoping I see the flat and think, urgh! I mean I love our flat now but it’s TINY! Much smaller than any of the places we’ve rented. It would just be nice for B to have somewhere to learn to crawl – where there’s actually floor space. But total first world problems! 😂 I’m sure we’ll end up staying here and be perfectly happy! Hope you are well! Xx


    • Nara

      Argh I tried to comment on your blog and it STILL won’t work. I’m obviously destined to be an idiot when it comes to blogspot! Wishing you tonnes of luck for IVF 4. It sounds like you both are so good with kids! Am totally with you on one versus two as well. Just think, in just under a year you’ll hopefully be holding your little one in your arms! Xx


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