My eyeball is bursting out of my eye socket

Just thought I’d share. Sorry I’ve been a bit lax at blogging lately – the little one has rather taken up my time and so I haven’t had the chance to catch up on everyone’s blog posts. I hope you are all well!

I’m great, apart from the fact that my eyeball is currently overhanging its socket. I kid you not. Turns out my hayfever has gotten to peak levels this year, and as I’m breastfeeding I have been trying not to take daily medication (as it’s safe but can apparently impact milk supply and/or cross into the milk). So I’ve been rather suffering although it is early in the season but seems to be affecting everyone badly this year in the UK. 

So: current position is that I’m feeding baby B whilst in a darkened room (it’s almost 1am and we tend to go to bed late – plus side is B doesn’t wake up early!) and feeling the uncomfortable sensation of my eyeball being swollen and overhanging my eye socket. Ugh. I’ve taken some cetirizine in desperation and I’m going to get some eye drops tomorrow. My doctor gave me a steroid nasal spray which apparently is fine for breastfeeding and I have a bunch of saline sprays too, so that covers the nose itching and sneezing, but gosh the itchy eyes and the overhanging eyeball are unpleasant!

Other than that we are great. I’ve not had much time for blogging lately but I guess that will change when I get back to work and have a commute during which I can type! I feel like right now I want to take advantage of being close to B. 

I have a lot of feelings about going back to work, but that’s probably another post. Meanwhile I’ll leave you with an attractive vision of my red swollen eyeball, and a few pictures from our days out and about. Please tell me your news in the comments and I’ll have a read of your blogs!



  1. libraryowl33

    I am completely behind on everyone’s blogs, and I can only imagine what it’s like trying to care for a newborn and ever hope to catch up. So, my main update is that I FINALLY had an FET on Tuesday, and I have my beta on Monday. *hugs* (but soft ones, so we don’t dislocate your eye any further).

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  2. Amy M.

    I think you’ve probably seen my updates on Facebook, but C is now 6 months old, and we’re leaving for vacation tomorrow! And OMG the food you eat looks amazing!!

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  3. Dani

    Oh no poor you that sounds absolutely awful! It must be tough struggling through without meds 😩 you are doing amazing things for B!

    Boooo to back to work soon. I’ll be going back to work for a week in mid may and I’m freaking out a bit because I don’t have enough frozen milk stashed (I’m going to Brussels). I don’t blame you for wanting to spend all your time focusing on B, they are little time wasters (in a good way of course!).


    • Nara

      Ah! Really, back to Brussels already! How do you feel? Hope you don’t have any anxiety over it… It must be scary to think of being away again, especially in Brussels. How is your milk stashing going? I have a post due about that! Yeah, I’m just trying to make the most of the short time we have left. I feel kind of resentful about pumping because we’d have no need to do it if I wasn’t back at work, like most people in the U.K.! Luckily my supply is okay but I just hope he doesn’t start rejecting the breast. At the moment he’s rejecting the bottle so I think it’s a bummer either way! Hope your work trip goes well. X

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      • Dani

        😩 yes it will actually be my second time back at the airport, but first time back in Brussels properly. I’m anxious about how I will feel when I get there. I haven’t asked chris how he feels about it actually! Should probably do that!! I only have about two days worth of stash stored up, hoping that when I will get some more stored up when Aviana goes into daycare next week and I’ll be pumping. So I understand how you must feel about having to pump at work when many other UK women have much longer off work, but you are doing amazing, I think the stats for the UK are only 2% remain exclusively breastfed at 6 months, so a year of maternity leave doesn’t seem to have a positive effect.
        Oh noooo I feel you on troubles with bottle rejection, I was so worried about it. I literally have bought every bottle and sippy cup available (much to Chris’s annoyance!) last weekend chris persevered with feeding her the bottle except for first feed and night feed. She ended up not eating for 6 hours, but she eventually took the bottle and then for the rest of the weekend, it was tough knowing she hadn’t eaten and I almost caved in, but it was for the better in the end. The past week she has been taking bottle for the last feed of the day like a trooper. Hoping this works for daycare! I have the same fear as you, but so far Aviana has been appreciative of the boob when she gets it!!! Good luck getting B on the bottle (ha sounds like trying to get him drunk 😂). It’s TOUGH and you are doing great ☺️

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      • Nara

        I think you are so strong for going back! I think I refused a trip to India when pregnant mainly because I didn’t fancy the heat! I am amazed by how much you end up doing. It is different there right in terms of maternity leave? We are doing shared parental leave which is nice, although part of me selfishly thinks it would be nice to have time just the two of us, haha! It’s much easier with two of us.
        Yeah we will persevere with the bottle. We tried a few including the expensive Medela Calma and he wasn’t having any of that! We are on MAM now as those are the dummies he has. And he will take like 1-2oz, usually more like 1oz. He’s not keen. But we don’t think he will starve as he may end up going into reverse cycle feeding and he does feed mostly at home time anyway (morning and evening). I’m hoping it improves! I’m so not keen on pumping so have treated myself to a Sarah Wells pumping bag for going back to work! Ha!


  4. ourgreatestdesire

    I just got caught up on everyone’s blogs so don’t feel bad! A turned 7 mo yesterday and is sitting up by herself pretty steadily after only being able to do it for 30 -60 seconds at the beginning of the week. My allergies are terrible too! I take YOung Living’s peppermint, lavender and lemon oil in a capsule to promote normal reactions during allergy season. Hope yours clear up soon! The itchy eyes are a bitch!!!


    • Nara

      Wowsers I can’t believe A is so grown up! Well done little one! I can’t imagine how weird it is when they can suddenly sit up! You’ll have to start keeping an eye out for walking soon, haha! Hope you are having a great summer! X


  5. Dubliner in Deutschland

    I nominated you for a lovely blog award by the way!
    Sorry to read about the bad hay fever and eye situation! I hope the eye drops help. I get hay fever too but I’m taking tablets at the moment. We just got back from our Australian trip! Had an amazing time! It was so fun and really nice going to my brother’s wedding. Emotional too. Now it’s just back to reality. I’m still waiting on uterine biopsy results before I know when we can start IVF again.


  6. 30yr old nothing

    Just here to comment on the lovely food pics as usual :). I’m sorry you’re feeling poorly though. Hope it passes soon or you can take something that doesn’t make you feel bad about the breastmilk.
    I think you’ve caught up on my blog already. Had my final beta yesterday. It was 11626. Have my first ultrasound at what seems like 3 years from now but it’s only 3 weeks. sigh.
    Feel better soon!


  7. EmilyMaine

    Oh no! You poor thing. My news is pretty rubbish I’m afraid…looks like Eric and I are hitting splitsville. Kids are good though! We recently went on holiday to Thailand and BeeGee had a hot breakfast every day and got fat fat fat so finally looks like a bit of a roly poly baby 🙂 Hooray!


    • Nara

      Oh no! 😪 I’m so sorry to hear that. As you know I split from my ex husband and I know how stressful it can be. I hope you have some (real life) people who are looking out for you? You know we got your back. Glad to hear the kids are good. Roly poly bubs are amazing! B is a little chunker. I can’t get over the leg rolls! Sending you hugs. Xx


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