PSA: A quick note on boobs

Apparently there are two types of breastfeeders – those whose boobs grow to gigantic humungaboobs™ and those whose boobs remain petite, perky and lovely. 

Guess which one I am? 

Yeah, it turns out that my already fairly moderately sized 32C pair have turned into full on funbags. All the better to feed you with, B. (Aside: Baby B is such a chunker I sometimes think he looks like a mini sumo wrestler.) I really wish I could be one of the perky ones but alas, it’s not to be. 

Anyway, I’ve been wearing soft bras for the time being, because they’re comfortable and I am a lazy lounger at heart. (Currently wearing a mumba bra but I also have cheaper ones from Sia on Amazon, and H&M nursing bras.) They are the opposite of sexy, but it’s comfort I’m after right now. (Not sure how T could possibly find the gigantic boobs sexy, but he’s a boob man and we have a baby so I think he’s grateful for anything remotely sexy!) 

As I was planning to go back to work and having to figure out bf appropriate clothes, I’m on a breastfeeding clothing group where people post bf-appropriate clothes that you can find on the high street. It’s actually really good for getting general ideas about nice clothes for all different figures, and a bit of inspiration for when you’ve been out of the loop for a while. 

One of the things they push on there is the idea that most women are wearing the wrong size bra – whether they’re breastfeeding or not. The measuring site is called Boob or Bust and there’s a calculator there to work out your bra size (and it works whether you’re pregnant, nursing or neither).

Now, I’m wearing the soft bras right now so they’re not sized like bras. Just small, medium and large. And they can vary in size throughout the day due to breastfeeding and milk supply. But I thought I’d check it out anyway just to see what my post pregnancy breastfeeding boobs were. 

Well! Apparently my post pregnancy recommended bra size is 32H! 😮😮

Now, this sounds crazy until you realise that the number relates to your back size and that cup size is not all the same with every back size. You’d think it is, but the increasing circumference of your body increases the cup size for each letter cup. Who knew?!

This is best illustrated below:

As you can see, a 38D is far bigger in the cup than a 30D. 

I had been wearing a 36DD in pregnancy and this was clearly an effect of being larger in the cup… but it seems counterintuitive that I’d have gone up in circumference once the baby was out! I always kind of wondered how I could be a 36DD. But 32H seems like a kind of scary size!

So… I may go back to a standard sized bra rather than soft nursing bras (not really recommended before six months), at which point I’ll remeasure and see if I can get some decent bras to fit. Soft nursing bras may be comfortable, but they are not particularly supportive or pretty! Who knows… I may fit back into my 32Cs one day…

Give it a go if you dare, and let me know how you get on!

Boob or Bust



  1. spiteorflight

    I lived in soft nursing bras for like, 18 months. I didn’t go back to work, so it wasn’t a huge deal. BUT when I did get dressed up (and by that I mean anything fancier than pajamas) I would layer a tank with a built in bra over a soft bra for the extra support. You still end up with a uni-boob in most shirts, but they at least passed for perky.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nara

      Haha! Yes I know the joys of the uniboob! 😂 Love what you say about dressing up. I don’t think I brushed my hair or wore makeup for the first few weeks!


    • Nara

      I know! It took me ages to measure but I wanted to check as I knew they were much larger than normal. I didn’t know quite how much! 😳😂


  2. Amy M.

    I had no idea the cup size increases with band size!! I finally found a bra that contained everything and didn’t give me a backache…then she hit a growth spurt, and my boobs got even BIGGER (how is that even possible!?!?) and now I have spillover in that bra as well. I feel like it never ends!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nara

      It’s nuts right? But it makes sense as you can imagine the circumference of boobs on a larger back is bigger than that on a smaller back, even if they stick out the same amount?! (That made sense to me when I was thinking it, hahaaaa.)
      I think the only thing I can cope with right now is soft bras! They are great because they expand and contract and they’re comfortable too! I’m all about comfort nowadays… forget sexy! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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