Life whizzing by

I don’t know how this happened but life is just whizzing by lately. I’m not even sure what I do with my days!
Since I last wrote, the following has happened:

  • B started nursery and T went back to work
  • I organised a stonking hen do (whoop whoop!)
  • I saw my BFF who lives overseas
  • I’ve been “working from home” for a few weeks

What has not happened:

  • I haven’t had a shower every day. I just don’t seem to get round to it and I don’t have to when I’m working from home!
  • I don’t seem to have done that much actual work.
  • Our flat STILL hasn’t gone through. House buying is a marathon here! I’m hoping we are in the end stages.

B is fantastic. I still thank my lucky stars every single day for him. I am utterly in love. I know every mother thinks their child is the best child but I know mine is. πŸ˜‰ He’s just so chillaxed all the time. People always comment on it. (Of course, in my paranoid states I sometimes think maybe he has some sort of developmental problem but he’s very happy interacting with people so hopefully he’s okay.)

Nursery start went better than I really thought it could do. I think the anticipation of it was worse than the actuality. The nursery is good and bad. I mean, obviously it’s not as good as being a SAHM (the dream – who’da thunk it that I would actually want to do this?) but it’s pretty good in that they do a lot of activities with them and they genuinely seem to love the babies. I know they could be acting but there are always loads of them around (they have certain ratios they have to stick to) so I think it would have to be a mass conspiracy if they were secretly beating them or something.

Given B is averse to taking a bottle – he’s taken to it like a duck to water. Maybe it helps that neither of his parents are there. He now seems to be on about 8oz a day which seems good. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It has been super hot here so maybe he’s having more. He is more of an evening drinker. (Aren’t we all?!)

Pumping… Well, contrary to my previous excited post re pumping, I seem to be having more trouble getting as much lately. I can still get a decent amount overall but it’s not all in one go any more. So I maybe get 8-10oz but sometimes it takes a few goes to get it. I think what has happened is that my boobs have decided they don’t need to feed B when he’s not there! It’s really frustrating as I don’t want to spend time pumping when he is there. I am trying to do maybe 8ish oz per day to cover nursery so I have been trying to pump to a more regular schedule. Anyway, it’s a massive PITA and I’m not happy about it.

Work is weird. I’m back but I’m not back, so I have hardly any work to do. Which is kind of nice in a way but it’s not like I can just go on holiday or something and it’s really weird when B is in nursery a few minutes away. I suppose I could take him out of nursery but then I wouldn’t be able to get anything done, when I can now get a small amount done. But really my boss just seems to be waiting for a new piece of work to come in and then presumably I’ll be busy with that.

Overall the return to work has been a bit odd like that and I don’t think I can really say I’ve had a positive experience with continuing to breastfeed. It’s the whole reason I’m not back full time in the office, because they can’t accommodate it. It seems crazy in this day and age that they can’t provide one private room to pump in. In one office it means I have to travel over an hour each way and I have to book the videoconference room at least 24 hrs in advance, and then when I get there and each time I want to pump have to go and get the room ready, which involves sticking paper over windows and putting a sign on the door saying don’t come in, because they don’t have any rooms that lock.

In the other office they don’t even have a bookable meeting room so I have to do it in the disabled loo! Which I’ve been banned from doing in the other office. It’s ridiculous. Luckily I have my pumping bag which has a built in cool bag and so on, but really I’d be up the creek otherwise. (Slight review update on the Sarah Wells pump bag: The size is good. The coolbag is good. The straps to use it as a rucksack are terrible.)

Bear in mind that the legislation about not discriminating against breastfeeding mothers came in 2010 and it’s now seven years later. It seems ludicrous to me that they can’t accommodate it. But even more disappointing has been some of the attitudes. (I posted some of these in my previous blog post, How Not To Pump At Work.) 

Oh and to add insult to injury, the older lady who just joined is probably going to replace my boss (who I love) as he wants to decrease his direct reports. You know when you just meet a woman and you realise she’s one of those kind of Passive Aggressive Against Other Women women? Yeah, she’s one of those. It’s weird because I love my new company and all the women I’ve met so far have been kind of *solidarity* so she’s the first outlier. I’m trying not to let it bother me but I don’t feel that pleased about it. So far she has:

  • Told my boss that she didn’t need to pump when she went back to work after having her kids. (So now he thinks I’m being precious trying to pump at work… Never mind that it’s protected by law!)
  • Told me that she’s worked in [my industry] for years and that I couldn’t wear what I was wearing that day around her clients. (How condescending… This woman is over a decade older than me and I’m 1-2 grades more junior than her… I’ve done okay. And I’m old enough to judge what to wear to meet clients, and never had any complaints. For the record I was wearing an on trend floral jacket and she was wearing a scratty cardigan!)
  • Told me a story about how she went back to work after having a kid and continued to breastfeed (yeah, like I’m trying to do) but got sent overseas so her husband quit his job and brought the baby and traveled with her so she could continue to feed and work… “But of course, I was at that point in my career.” (Implying I’m not.)
  • When she found out I liked Disney decided to tell me how they were going to Orlando for their holiday and how they always travel First Class and the holiday cost THIRTY THOUSAND POUNDS. Β£30k!!! Who does that?! (I did think she probably didn’t get a good deal!) 

I was telling someone else about her and I said it was like I didn’t meet a woman – it was like meeting a man. I have this saying – w*lly waving – which is what I think men do when they get into a situation where they want to demonstrate their superiority. It’s like showing off. Peacocking. She was spreading her tail feathers and showing off how superior she was… and I wasn’t even interested in playing. (The cruder terminology is that she “flopped it out on the table”…) Anyway we shall see what happens because it doesn’t really bode well… I’m hoping that she softens up before becoming my boss. 😦

On the baby front, it’s weird being back at work when the others are all off work. I decided to put a bit of distance between me and them (the other mums in the area I know, mainly through NCT). I guess our experiences have diverged quite a bit. Last week I ended up going for lunch with them twice (because I was working from home) and it just brought it home to me that it’s not that pleasant being around other people with babies when I can’t be with my baby. Of course I could have gone and got him from nursery but it would be very disruptive for him. He seems to have settled in really well and my next door neighbour who’s an ex nursery employee said not to disrupt him in his first few weeks. 

Anyway throughout lunch, their babies screamed and cried and I just found it all a bit gross. Maybe being around B means I make more oxytocin and therefore find babies more tolerable?! I felt like I had felt in my pre baby days – that babies are a bit distasteful. Haha. Also I found we have diverged in parenting techniques quite a bit so perhaps it’s that. The others I usually hang out with are kind of up tight about stuff and want everything very regimented. Their babies don’t sleep very well and they cry a lot. 

We are more laissez faire parents, and just sort do it through intuition. We don’t have B in any sort of regimented routine (though obviously he has a vague routine as he has to get up to go to nursery, or swimming at the weekend, etc). We never put him down on his own to sleep – though he’s miraculously developed the technique of tolerating this at nursery – so he just goes to bed when we do, although he tends to fall asleep in my arms before then. I breastfeed him on demand including at night when we co-sleep so he settles back within a couple of minutes. I babywear him pretty much all the time and he rarely goes in the buggy. And I haven’t tried to wean him at all, at almost six months.

The others are always desperate for time off from the babies. I guess this is where infertile people and fertile people diverge. I spend so much time being super happy that B exists, that I really couldn’t give a flying sh*t if he wakes me up at night and I’m not trying to escape him in any way. I mean, I asked for it! And really he doesn’t wake me up much. He kind of stirs, I roll over, feed him and we both go back to sleep (sometimes mid feed). I figure it is such a short time before we can go back to “non baby” life that it doesn’t bother me not to be out on the town all the time or anything like that. For sure I’d like to have a shower a bit more often, but B loves to have a bath with me so it’s not all bad.

They’re also super competitive about trying to get them to do things like sit up, roll over (like dogs?!) and eat stuff, so the ones who are still breastfeeding can stop breastfeeding. It just seems like they always seem to be in mild competition, but maybe I’m misreading it. I mean I got asked the other day why I hadn’t bought B Sophie la giraffe and I was like, I don’t like giraffes! But you must get it! It’s the best thing I’ve ever bought for her! Err no, I really don’t think one teething toy is going to be a game changer… I still have all my teeth and I never had Sophie! And I always get these comments about B being “so chilled” and “always asleep” (because I carry him in a sling all the time so he just sleeps instead of screaming in the buggy).

I guess the thing is, against my predictions I’ve turned into something of an earth mother / crunchy mom (UK/US). I am not really either of those things because I’m not white (which the vast majority of EM/CMs are) and also I don’t really go in for the organic, no plastic, cloth nappy thing. (I think scraping poo off a nappy is a step too far.) But I’m not into the whole trying to get them weaned / onto formula etc. As long as I can nurse him, I’m going to do it if he still wants it, because it’s so much easier! And he seems to settle easier too. I do privately think it’s sort of funny that I’m the least bothered about doing all this training them stuff and my baby seems the most chillaxed. I just hope that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with him!

So yesterday I finally muted our whatsapp because they all decided to buy a sleep training course and so I received about 250 messages about a regimented nap routine. I guess there’s a difference between sleep training and CIA (Cry It Out – controlled crying) which is something that massively divides parents. And it probably makes me sound mega judgy but I don’t feel like I’m super judgy… I just am not that interested in their style of parenting, which mainly seems to be about being upset when the babies don’t do exactly what they want them to do. I don’t know what will happen going forward as they are my main mum friends. Thing is, maybe I’ll just go back to hanging out with my pre-baby friends!

Other than that, the hen do went amazingly! I was so happy because my friend seemed to love it. She even sent me some dog shaped biscuits from Biscuiteers as a thank you! I was so relieved that it all went according to plan and we had a great time. It was a fun group of people, and probably the right amount of activity. The important thing was my friend had an amazing day being the centre of attention!
Some photos. We started off with brunch, followed by a candy making class, afternoon tea, comedy and a bar!

The super cute biscuits she sent me to say thank you. 

The other cool thing that happened was that one of the adoptees I “know” online came to London on holiday, so we met up! It was so great to meet someone I kind of know! There are lots of blog friends I’d love to meet too! (Hit me up if you’re ever in London!) 

I have been meaning to do a post about adoption and having a baby, but there really are a lot of feels and I don’t really have the words yet. And also I probably should do an update on how I’m feeling about adoption and social justice. I don’t really feel the same as I used to when I first started blogging, but that’s for another post too. 

Anyway, we went for afternoon tea, which was hilarious as she thought we were going for a cup of tea, rather than a meal! I’d told her about the cost beforehand to check if it was okay, so I said to her she must have thought that was the most expensive cup of tea ever!

We had an amazing time because we had so much in common when it comes to being adopted transracially. It is a bit like when I met T that we understood about adoption – he is also adopted. So this was even more similar because we were both POC (people of colour) adopted by white families. We just talked nonstop and I really think we could have gone on for hours! Her husband kindly left us to natter whilst he took their child for a walk around somewhere else, so we had to stop in the end! It was so cool to meet her though.

Finally, we are still waiting on details of our house move! I’m hoping it won’t fall through as it really is the dream flat, but you never know. The whole house buying process here is soooo sloooow. You never know what is happening. We are hoping we will manage to move by August – we were originally planning on July but it hasn’t happened yet. Hopefully we will exchange in the next week or two and complete by August, in time for B’s naming ceremony in September! We are hoping to have a little do on the terrace if/when we have moved in. T has put me on a strict budget so it will be home made afternoon tea and BYOB! More on that later…



  1. sbach1222

    So much in this update!

    First: They CAN provide facilities for you, they just WON’T. Which I can’t imagine how irritating that must be. Especially because I look at that picture, and I Think, I could put a locking door handle on that for about $50 in about 30 minutes!! How frustrating they are!!

    And that woman!! She definitely seems to be peacocking! Who brags about all of that stuff?!?! I really hope she gets her act together for your sake and every one else that will be working for her!

    I haven’t even researched or gotten involved in all of the ways of baby sleep. But Baby Bach seems to do really well with the he-looks-tired-I-will-put-him-to-bed method. It happens around the same window of time each night, and there is no tantrum or crying fits alone in the crib. Just some dark and semi-quiet wind down time in the rocking chair (we all need to wind down, so I guess babies do too) and soon the tired boy is off to dream land. Maybe I am just lucky though…?

    And how lovely to have met an ‘online’ friend in real life! It’s like meeting someone for the first time, but already having an amazing relationship with them!!

    Glad all is going well with B! Can’t believe he is 6 months already!


    • Nara

      I know!! They could easily put a lock on the door but they can’t. And even apart from that they could have booked it out for my exclusive use (or on the days I am in the office, to save me having to set it up every time) but they said they were unwilling to do that! Agh!

      Yeah that woman is awful. I’m trying to be okay about it and get on with her but she just rubs me up the wrong way. I don’t like it when people show off!

      Baby Bach sounds like he is doing great! Baby B is like that too. Well sometimes he doesn’t like to go to bed but most of the time he does! He’s fine though because he’s right by me – still goes in the snuzpod for a few hours and is then in bed next to me!

      Yeah it was awesome to meet my online friend! I’ve met a few over the years and sometimes I even forget that some friends I’ve never even met in real life! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nora

    It’s really interesting to hear your experiences with other mums, parenting styles, work etc. Thanks for writing it so frankly. Good luck with the flat buying, you are almost there.


  3. My Perfect Breakdown

    Oh, there is so much here to talk about! I love your updates as they are always so full of exciting information:)
    First, I cannot stand working with women (or men) like the one you described. I hope you two find a way to work together and her posturing stops!
    Second, I adore the party you threw! It looks amazing!
    Third, I love that you met up with an online friend. I promise you that the day I get to your part of the world I will let you know!! I am determined to meet you one day. πŸ™‚
    Fourth, I hope the new flat comes through asap!
    Lastly, as far as I’m concerned when it comes to babies/children, everyone has an opinion. Whether it’s sleep training or it’s pacifiers or formula/breast or screen time, everyone has an opinion and nearly everyone believes their opinion is right and everyone should hear it. I am a firm believer in doing what’s best for your family (so long as the child is healthy and safe, obviously). And clearly that’s what your doing and it’s work for your family. And that’s awesome! So keep doing what your doing!! For the record, I think you are an amazing mom!


    • Nara

      Haha thank you! Yes I’m just a bit lax about blogging!

      You’re right, people who are like that are so tedious. I know that the good times with my boss had to end but I am not happy about the new one! Argh. I hope she ends up nicer than first appearances!

      The hen party was so cool! We had such a great time. She’s a lovely person and I really wanted her to have a fantastic day.

      You definitely have to look me up if you come over here! Would be so cool for the little ones to play together!

      We had an email through saying that the flat may be going ahead very shortly so here’s hoping!!!!!!! He has been saying that (the solicitor) for weeks though! Ha.

      Yes you’re right about the opinions. And there isn’t a right or wrong… It’s not to say I think I’m right as such; I just don’t think our parenting styles are very similar. I think there is a huge difference between parents after infertility and parents who had kids easily, or at least that’s what I see in people I know. Of course people have bad days and so on but I can’t be bothered with all the complaining when they don’t know how lucky they are!


  4. RJ

    I have a hard time relating to stay at home moms as well now that I’m back at work. I just feel so lucky to have my baby girl and I cherish the time I get with her. I’m on the “crunchy” side as well (which I wasn’t expecting) so I can relate.

    I’m so sorry about your boss. What a nightmare. I hope you get some meaningful work. As for the pumping, I don’t understand how they can’t find you a place to pump?! How obnoxious. I do sometime pump in an extra procedure room at the clinic I work in wth a sign on the unlocked door but that is my choice (as there is a locked place I can walk a ways to get to).

    Wishing you the best as this unfolds.


    • Nara

      Ha! We sound similar! I really feel jealous of the SAHMs but then also I feel like we are concerned with such different things! And also the crunchy moms can be asses too, it’s just I don’t know many of them as that’s not the style here! I’ve seen some fairly awful ones online! Competing over cloth nappies and lack of plastic! Haha.

      Yeah the pumping is ridiculous. They don’t even have a first aid room! I would have thought they’d have a specific room. I think they do have a prayer room but I’m guessing they wouldn’t want a woman pumping in a prayer room (but as an atheist I kinda feel like pumping is more urgent than praying!).


  5. sewingbutterfly

    That is so slack of work not to provide a space for pumping. Do they have a first aid room that could have a cheap lock put on it?!

    I don’t relate to mums groups either. I am inbetween both groups. I am not crunchy enough because I don’t breastfeed or cosleep at night BUT I also don’t fit with the other side because I don’t sleep train and my son is super chilled out most of the time and I would rather spend time as a family than go out. πŸ˜‚ so I am stuck in the middle!! I also don’t whinge about my husband much so I don’t fit there either.


    • Nara

      I know! They’re idiotic really. They don’t have a first aid room.

      I think I am probably more in between than I suggested. I mean we don’t cloth nappy! Haha. And I’m not very hippyish in real life. And I’m a working mum. So I don’t know. I have one mum friend I get on really well with about this stuff as we are more similar (though she’s more crunchy than me!) but she lives ages away. The local ones I’m beginning to think we have not much in common apart from we had babies at similar times.

      I would also rather spend time with family! I went out last night for the first time in ages and whilst it was fun, I just wanted to get back and see B. I felt guilty for not seeing him all day as he was at nursery then picked up by his dad. Probably won’t go out for quite a while! T’s out tonight so I’ll have a quiet one with my boys! (Dog and B!)


      • sewingbutterfly

        Yeah, I have 1 mum friend but she is moving away soon 😭 I am meeting a few through an app called Mush (think tinder for mum friends), not sure if it is in the UK though.

        I love my cloth and I am trying to work out daycare and cloth when I go back to work. Sposies make my son’s eczema worse.


      • Nara

        Yeah I’ve heard of mush! I would definitely use it if I had need of it but really I don’t need more mum friends as I’m back at work! I think there should be a working mums app for when you need someone to whinge about pumping with!

        I think nursery here will do whatever you ask, although did hear that they are sometimes a bit hesitant about cloth. Definitely not for us though! I feel bad about the wastage but I’m just not into poo on clothes!


  6. EmilyMaine

    Oh that woman at your work sounds dreadful!! I hope she chills out over the coming months. Eeeeep!

    Fingers crossed the house settlement all goes smoothly. I saw the pics of the hens on Facebook and it looked amazing!!! You are such the stellar event planner.

    As for the other mums in your group it is ok if they aren’t for you. That’s the great thing about life – you get to choose your buddies. I do feel like you are a bit harsh on them though and I mean that in the nicest possible way. To give you the alternative perspective, when I was having my first I dreamed of being all attachment parenting earth mother. I wanted to go with his rhythms and just flow flow flow. It. Did. Not. Work. At. All. And I felt so shit for it. Like I didn’t know how to be a mum because I couldn’t do it the earth mother co-sleeping way baby carrying way. So at my wits end at around 6mths old I started to try the routine thing and some sleep training. He responded immediately and our life was just so much better together right away. He clearly likes structure just like me. BeeGee has been a different thing altogether. I have been able to flow with her more but we did still need to go to sleep school to just tidy things up a bit when she was about 8mths old as she one day just up and lost her ability to fall asleep without screaming even though I didn’t change anything that I was doing! All kids are different, all parents are different. And that’s ok. Maybe some of those chicks at your group would do better with rhythms but maybe others would be sent completely spare by it. I believe my inability to make it work the “natural” way contributed greatly to my PND and I don’t want that for anyone. And although I suffered from infertility (granted mine was secondary) I do still have days when I want to run away from my kids. And it’s not because I’m desperate to go out. I actually don’t miss that at all. It is because sometimes I just feel so confined by them and tired that I just need a moment to really breathe. I’m a great mum, maybe not the best one but I certainly don’t suck at it. And wanting to run away from my kids some days doesn’t change that at all. It’s just a coping mechanism. I feel so happy for you that this hasn’t been your experience so far. You couldn’t ask for anything more πŸ˜ƒβ£οΈβ˜€οΈ


    • Nara

      Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply! Got sick then back at work and aaaaah, just never seem to have time nowadays!

      Good news is the woman at work seems to be okay so far… I’m reserving judgement!

      Glad you thought the hen do looked good! It did go really well which was a relief! Wedding soon!

      We are still waiting on the house but it’s getting closer – woohoo!

      Think you are right about the other mums and how I feel. I think I’m probably a bit jealous of the fact they’re all staying home and I’m back at work! And mum politics are just a bit weird. I guess I’m in a different position now and I won’t see them for a while so perhaps we’ll all feel a bit more charitable towards each other when we do! Different strokes as you say!


  7. Dani

    Good luck with the house buying I have everything crossed that it will go smoothly for you!!

    Good for you doing you when it comes to parenting B. I’m surprised that my Brit friends wean as early as they do…and that’s not a criticism because how you feed your baby is your business. But I’m always surprised about the culture of only 2% Brits breastfeeding at 6mths (I know I’ve said this before!!! But I really can’t believe it, but may be that’s because I’m absorbed into a different culture right now) as for sleep training…it worked out well for us because A is a nicer and happier baby on some kind of a routine. But I don’t think I was competitive about it…ha, I was so successful with it I didn’t want to talk about it with others mums! I reckon if you hung out with some crunchy mums you would get equally frustrated because I know some highly strung crunchy mums! I think you come across as just a chilled person and that is reflected in B! BYW-Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs personality test? You can do it here if you haven’t . I’m a ‘protagonist’ and it accurately describes me, the report comes up with a section about parenting which I had ignored until I pulled out the results a couple of days ago. It was very me!
    You are doing awesome. For the pumping, it’s TOUGH. Yesterday I wanted to quit. They say never to quit on a bad day. I want to keep breastfeeding for as long as mutually agreeable between A and I, but I may wean off pumping sooner. I’ve got to look into how to do that with out losing my supply completely! It’s tough. You’re doing amazing things ☺️


    • Nara

      Thanks! Sorry I’ve been soooo slow to reply. Got sick and then back at work. Ugh!

      House buying is one step closer. We have contract – woohoo! Daring to hope it will happen!

      Yeah the weaning is odd. Everyone in our NCT group is already going mad for it and they’re younger than B, and he’s only just turned 6 months. (By which I mean introducing food and trying to stop bf.) I feel almost like people are trying to make me feel weird for wanting to nurse him still. I think you are right, crunchy moms would be awful I’m sure! It’s just I don’t know many! One friend I get on really well with who is far away (who sometimes reads this *waves*) but we just chat about stuff in a non competitive way.

      I’ll have to take the test and report back! I’ve taken MB before but always end up with different results (always E!) – I will have to check out the parenting thing though as that sounds interesting.

      Pumping is such a drag! I absolutely love breastfeeding (never thought I’d say that) but pumping is just the annoying side of it! Yesterday I pumped in a storage room! Argh. I can totally see why you’d wean off pumping. I think you can go to night feeds only if she is fine on food now. It shouldn’t affect supply for nights as long as you don’t need them for days too. I have a massive freezer stash so I think that will be possible for us once he starts eating more. I kind of don’t want periods again though! πŸ˜‚ Thanks for the encouragement! X


  8. silentmiscarriageloudthoughts

    Sorry the pumping/work situation is still not ideal. And that woman you work with sounds awful!
    Glad to hear B is doing so well. I’m sure there are no delays- babies are just little people after all with their own little personalities. Some are chill and some are fire crackers! N’s on the go all the time- generally very happy in my arms but wanting to stand up on my lap, or be walked around the room and very noisy! And we’re all baby wearing, no stroller, cosleeping too. Isn’t it funny after all the time and money that goes into researching strollers (I remember your posts, and I had the same focus) only to have it hardly be used?! I have invested in a few more baby carriers since having her though. Some of my friends keep giving me advice on how to train her to like the stroller- but I don’t see the point, she’s happy being worn and I’m happy and comfortable wearing her.
    She’s a tricky sleeper though, and we’ve co slept from birth and followed her lead. She will last max 30 mins without me, usually insists on sleeping on me, and wakes to feed hourly overnight


  9. 30yr old nothing

    Ugh that woman sounds exhausting. Best of luck if she becomes your boss. I hope she doesn’t ruin it for you.
    I’m so glad things are going well. I was waiting to hear about the hen do. Especially the sweet making. How cool!


  10. Dubliner in Deutschland

    I hope all the house stuff will work out and you’ll be able to move soon. I love the sound of your approach to parenting! I know from my parent friends here that there can be a lot of judgement about parenting style unfortunately. That’s fun that you met up with the other adoptee friend!


  11. ourgreatestdesire

    So much happening on your end! Any chance you won’t end up having to report to that lady? She sounds horrendous! Reminds me to be happy I don’t have a boss to report to even though being self employed can be a pain in the ass! We get a text n the f comments on how relaxed A is too. We did a mixture of baby wearing and stroller. Mostly because it’s too big of a pain to get her in the baby carrier in the middle of a Wisconsin winter, lol. Now that she can sit up in a stroller she seems to like that better than baby wearing. Plus it’s been pretty humid here so being that close to her Mama when we’re already hot and sticky probably doesn’t feel great to her. I’m so glad the hen do went well and that you got to “meet” an online friend! That’s always fun!


    • Nara

      Thank you! Nah, I seem to have ended up reporting to her. Although still to my old boss for like 20% of my time / one day a week. I’ve been killing it on bids lately (like till 3am!) but at least I can work from home. My bud was submitted today so I can have a relaxing day now! Haha.
      I’ve made an effort with the woman and I think she will be okay… at least I hope she will. I think she’s the type who’s alright as long as you stay on the right side of her! πŸ˜‚
      Yeah I wish B would go in the stroller but he screams his head off whenever he isn’t being held! He’s very chilled but doesn’t like to travel in a separate vehicle! I’m thinking he will get more into it when he’s bigger. I’m full into the babywearing so probably have spent as much money on wraps as the pram, haha! It just looks so cozy for him! I am not too worried as I think he will get more independent when he starts walking. He’s already trying to crawl! Yeah I bet the weather’s a bit sticky for you. We tend to use the ring sling the most in the heat!

      Liked by 1 person

      • ourgreatestdesire

        We just have the lillebaby. Well, actually someone did give me a wrap I think but I am so afraid I won’t do it right and she’ll fall out so I haven’t even attempted it, lol. I’m glad things are going ok with that woman. I hear you about the kind you need to stray o the right side of, lol.

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