Under pressure

Back at work and working on a bid response from the local coffee shop. You’d think this was a good thing as I like bids, but not when you have to collate submissions from about 15 different teams, and the total submission is limited to 20 pages and they send you about 15-20 pages each! Ahh!

I love work most of the time but last night I worked until around 02:30 and then was up again at 06:30 to get B ready for nursery and to start everything again!

I’m one of those people who does like pressure but it’s a lot different now I have a baby… With T and Dog it wasn’t an issue to work late, whereas B demands my attention and isn’t happy when I’m tapping away at the laptop! And of course I’d rather be snuggling and feeding him than cutting through swathes of technical jargon. 

Anyway! Here’s my coffee shop view! As you can see – summer doesn’t dampen my urge for hot chicolate!

Where do you work from and what’s your view like?



  1. Dani

    Ughhh….I feel you. I have experienced pressure last week and beginning this week on a high importance task, balancing that with childcare was tough AND Chris was having a tough at work project. Fortunately when I work on something that I can’t take home with me that’s a blessing because I can’t do late nights as office is only open 7-7. But Chris has been taking work home with him and working through the night.
    But good news is that Chris is moving office closer to home and daycare so we won’t ever have to worry about getting stuck in picking up A because of traffic.
    My working view is not bad – 4th floor view overlooking the naval station. Our cafe though sucks so no where near as nice as your hot chocolate view 😝


    • Nara

      Well that night I worked till 02:30 and last night 03:00! Crazy hours. Although at least I’m pretty much done now. The hardest thing is when your baby wants attention and you have to keep working! I’m glad your office is 7-7! Our nursery is those hours so last couple of days I’ve been sprinting at 18:55!

      Great news Chris is moving closer and definitely good about the traffic. Luckily as I’m wfh I can just run / walk there quickly but when I’m at the office I definitely get that anxiety I won’t get back in time.
      Your view sounds lovely! When I was over in CT last year one of the offices had a lovely view over a sound! Not sure what a sound is, but it’s like a beach / lake thing! At least you can get chocolate easily enough! πŸ˜‚


  2. My Perfect Breakdown

    Yup, these long days are the worst! Like you, I tend to be more productive when I’m working under pressure with lots of deadlines. But, it’s definitely not fun when it means missing out on Little MPB’s day. Just yesterday I had to work until well past Little MPB’s bedtime. And since I work at home this meant I had to listen to Mr. MPB and Little MPB giggling and playing while I stared at my computer – so not fun!!!
    My view is not as great as Mr. MPB’s (he also works from home and we share an office) – I look towards the backyard so I see the garage. Mr. MPB has a giant front window and looks onto the front yard and street. But, he worked from home first so we set up his office first, when I started working from home we just fit me in with what already existed. πŸ™‚


    • Nara

      Yes, I was thinking of you working from home. Don’t know how you do it! It must be bittersweet hearing them play. But… I do kind of like deadlines and working under a bit of pressure. It depends what the outcome is!
      I think looking towards the backyard sounds alright?! I don’t have a view out if I’m working from home as the windows are quite high up. I think it would be nice to have a home office that doesn’t involve sitting on the sofa! πŸ˜‚


  3. ramblesandstruggles

    Wow that sounds unbelievably tough, especially with having to raise B :-(. I currently work near Oxford Street (very dangerous for spending money), opposite coffee shops so I often see people working from there and am envious that they are not in the office. I have a terrible commute at the moment but nothing compared to the stress of your long hours plus the raising of a baby so I really shouldn’t moan. I do hope things get a bit easier with work and less stressful! x


    • Nara

      Omg I can only imagine what a struggle it must be not to spend all your money on oxford street! But at least you have somewhere to go on lunch break! Oh you really should moan if you have an awful commute. Was just saying today I’m pretty lucky I can work from home. The occasional long hours aren’t ideal but then there are other times when I’m doing next to nothing! πŸ˜‚ Anyway this means you can definitely sort out some Disney bounding outfits! Exciting! Would love it if you post some… I must get better at checking the blogs! X

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  4. 30yr old nothing

    Oi, I’m glad you managed to push through. I’m very thankful now that I don’t reeeally have the capability to wfh. I don’t have a work laptop but our systems are online and don’t require a VPN so I can do it if need be. But I don’t miss those late nights from my old jobs.
    The bad part is that I work in a freezing basement next to the server room so I wear winter clothing year round. My view is high cubicle walls and the only natural light is a tiny glass rectangle in the door leading out of said basement. Just enough to tell if it’s raining or not.

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    • Nara

      Sorry I missed this! I remember working in various basements – it’s so strange not getting natural light! Fortunately I haven’t been in a basement for a while! πŸ˜‚


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